Construction European Spallation Source has started

10 October 2014

In the Swedish city of Lund a unique neutron facility will be constructed over the next few years, the European Spallation Source (ESS). After years of preparation by a consortium of European countries the construction will start on 9 October 2014. From 2020 onwards researchers from more than sixty laboratories throughout the entire world will be able to carry out experiments here. With the earlier signing of a declaration of intent, the Netherlands has stated that it recognises the importance of the ESS. On behalf of the Netherlands, NWO is involved in the project.

Delft University of Technology has already started on the conceptual design of instrumentation for the ESS. However, the Netherlands is not yet making a financial contribution to the ESS. The European Spallation Source is a neutron facility that consists of an accelerator that generates a powerful neutron source, various large neutron microscopes and several laboratories. The unusual properties of neutrons can be used to investigate structures ranging in size from centimetres to fractions of atomic distances. Neutron technology can be used for a wide range of applications from biochemistry to materials science and from archaeology to fundamental physics.

Source: NWO


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