Launch call for proposals Food & Business Applied Research Fund

8 May 2013

Today, WOTRO launches the first Call for proposals for the new Food & Business Applied Research Fund (ARF) that is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ARF is part of the Food & Business Knowledge Agenda of the Ministry and was developed in consultation with the Food & Business Knowledge Forum.

ARF provides grants to demand driven applied research that contributes to innovation for food security in the 15 partner countries of Dutch development cooperation. The ARF is open for applications by consortia consisting of at least one practitioner organisation (i.e. companies, NGOS, governmental organisations) that is active in a partner country and one research or higher education organisation.

Demand driven research

The ARF aims at promoting research supported innovation that is readily applicable in practice and contributes to the enhancement of sustainable food security for the most vulnerable populations in the 15 Dutch partner countries. Research funded by the ARF must be a joint effort of local practitioner organisations and research and/or higher education organisations from the partner countries or the Netherlands (including TNO and DLO). Project proposals must align with the Multi-Annual Strategic Plans (MASPs) of the Dutch embassies in the partner countries. Private companies are encouraged to formulate their demand and to join the applying consortia.

Budget and deadline

For this first call a maximum budget of 4 million euro is available. The maximum available budget per project is 50.000 euro for a minimum duration of six months and 300.000 euro for a project with a maximum duration of 36 months. In cash or in kind co-funding of 20% from private practitioner organisations is required. Proposals can be submitted to WOTRO continuously until the final deadline of 15 April 2014. Proposals will be collected and assessed in three different rounds.

More information on ARF is available here