TOP grants open for proposals from astronomers, mathematicians and computer scientists

25 January 2013

From 25 January onwards, researchers within the physical sciences can submit proposals for the new TOP grants at NWO Physical Sciences. TOP is one of the funding instruments with which the Board of Physical Sciences (GB EW) has created new opportunities for curiosity driven research. It has a part for senior researchers (total budget approx. M€ 4) and another part for junior researchers (total budget approx. M€ 2).

Senior researchers with a proven track record should submit their pre-proposals ultimately 21 March and their full proposals ultimately 27 August. Junior researchers at the beginning of their scientific career (between two and ten years after being awarded a PhD) who are among the best emerging scientists in their field, should submit their full proposals ultimately 21 March.

Innovative, groundbreaking and challenging
The TOP grant at NWO Physical Sciences is open for curiosity driven research with an innovative, groundbreaking and challenging character. It enables a junior scientist to employ one PhD or postdoc, and it enables senior scientists to employ two or three PhDs or postdocs. Proposals must have a significant impact in one or more of the fields of astronomy, mathematics or computer science.

New opportunities for curiosity driven research
From 25 January onwards, researchers within the physical sciences can also submit ideas for new research programmes. Together with the TOP grants this substites earlier funding for curiosity driven research, e.g. the Free Competition Scheme (Vrije competitie). In this way two new funding instruments have been created by NWO Physical Sciences to offer new opportunities for science driven research in the years 2013-2015.

Source: NWO