NWO links science to top sectors

NWO contributes to the top sectors by means of PPP, joint programming and open research

26 June 2013

At the request of the Dutch Cabinet, NWO, KNAW, TO2, VSNU, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, and the employers organisations VNO-NCW and the Royal Association MKB Nederland have made collaboration agreements between researchers and industry within top sector research. Among other things, the agreements will make the connection between fundamental research and the top sectors more transparent. NWO is responsible for selecting the best research projects in the top sectors through the NWO system of open competition, in accordance with accepted quality standards.

Three essential elements

In summary, NWO's contribution to the top sectors consists of three essential elements:

  1. Public-Private Partnership (PPP): three variants, with the contribution from industry as one of the variables. Activities result from joint programming. A private contribution is required.
  2. Public-Private programming (PPp): activities result from joint programming for research. No private contribution is required.
  3. Open research aimed at the top sectors in which various NWO instruments such as the open competition and the Talent Scheme can be deployed.

There will be a single point of contact at NWO for researchers, universities and industry for each of the top sectors.

The expert group that drew up the rules for collaboration within the top sectors with respect to fundamental research was broadly drawn from industry, the government, NWO, universities and the universities of applied sciences.

The NWO contribution to the top sectors will rise to 275 million euros in 2015. Of that, almost 100 million euros will be linked to PPP in top sectors in 2015. NWO's annual budget is some 625 million euros.

Continuity of investment in research and innovation

The knowledge coalition (NWO, KNAW, TO2, VSNU, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, VNO-NCW and the Royal Association MKB-Nederland) has expressed support for the new rules in the form of a joint statement and is asking the Dutch Cabinet and House of Representatives to focus attention on the importance of continuity for investment in research and innovation.


Source: NWO

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