NWO invests more than 38 million euros in talented young researchers

15 August 2013

A total of 155 highly promising, young researchers can develop their scientific ideas further over the next three years thanks to a Veni grant from NWO. A Veni grant is worth a maximum of 250,000 euros and is one of NWO's individual funding instruments aimed at encouraging scientific talent. The scientists will do research into a wide range of subjects ranging from the vulnerability for stress in the brain through to (European) boundaries in social solidarity and how the use of plasma can make aeroplanes more aerodynamic.

Veni laureates gained their PhDs no more than three years ago. By allowing them to choose their own research subject, NWO encourages curiosity driven and innovative research. Veni offers researchers a first step up the ladder in their scientific career. They mainly use the Veni grant to cover their salary costs during the research period of three years and to purchase any specific equipment needed.


Veni is part of the NWO's prestigious Talent Scheme, which consists of the Veni, Vidi and Vici grants. With this scheme NWO offers scientists at various stages of their career the possibility to carry out groundbreaking research.


More insights and better policy through science

The Veni laureates from 2013 represent many different scientific disciplines. A substantial number of the research projects are directly relevant to current social issues. For example, Veni laureates are investigating how the risk of floods can be distributed fairly and efficiently, how infection sources of harmful botnets can be traced and how the diagnosis and treatment of reduced fertility can be improved.



Many applications for Veni


A total of 1001 researchers submitted an application for Veni and 155 of them received a Veni grant. The award rate was therefore 15.5%. From a gender perspective, 535 (53%) of the proposals were submitted by men and 466 (47%) by women. The award rate was 13.9% for women and 16.8% for men. This difference was also present in the Veni funding round from last year when it was even greater still (13.3% for women compared to 17.4% for men).


Grants are awarded after a selection process that involves discipline-specific evaluation committees made up of renowned scientists.


About NWO



With a budget of 625 million euros per year, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is one of the biggest funding bodies for scientific research in the Netherlands. NWO promotes quality and innovation in science by selecting and funding the best research. It manages research institutes of national and international importance, contributes to strategic programming of scientific research in the Netherlands and brings science and society closer together. Research proposals are reviewed and selected by researchers of international repute. More than 5000 scientists can carry out research thanks to funding from NWO.

Source: NWO