New initiative Science Europe fits in well with NWO's open access policy

16 October 2013

On 29 April 2013, Science Europe issued a position statement: 'Principles for the Transition to Open Access to Research Publications'.

NWO is currently preparing further policy steps. A project team data management, with representatives from various NWO units and several external members, has recently issued an internal report with various recommendations to NWO as a research council. The project team has come up with proposals aimed at two objectives. On the one hand facilitating awareness among researchers about how they deal with research data at the end of their project (output data, including the data generated during a project) and on the other hand encouraging the actual storage of data in an archive or repository in such a manner that it can be used. The report was approved on 17 April 2013 by NWO's Governing Board.

The next step is to elaborate and implement the recommendations over the next few months. This includes adding a section on data and a section on data management to the primary process of grant applications.

Source: NWO