First SES programme meeting

6 June 2013

The first meeting of the SES (Smart Energy Systems) research programme took place at NWO in The Hague on the 5th of June. The goal was to strengthen information exchange and cooperation between projects. Project presentations and a poster session gave the participants a good insight in the research being performed within this research field, in which Smart Grids and energy saving are major focus points. Keynote speaker was Martijn Bongaerts of Liander, who also leads the Smart Grid taskforce at Netbeheer Nederland.

Almost all project members (PhD students, post-docs, supervisors and participants from companies) were present at the meeting. This provided an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas and possibilities for cooperation within the research field of Smart Energy Systems. Lively discussions sprouted of the poster session during lunch and researchers from the projects updated fellow researchers with their project status and research challenges at the plenary session. The participants were also handed out a book with all the project descriptions and posters.

Martijn Bongaerts discussed the five themes of the forthcoming Smart Grid roadmap of Netbeheer Nederland. The first theme is the trend from costumer to prosumer: active support of local energy initiatives will increase in the nearby future. Secondly , the development of transport and distribution grids. ICT will be integrated in the energy grid, and gas and electricity will support each other. Thirdly, balance management will become a greater issue in a grid with many unpredictable renewables (solar, wind), where peak shaving will be a major challenge. Also facilitation of the market is one of the topics: the availability of real time data is crucial for its success. At last legislation & regulation is important, for instance uniform standards and protocols and objective and transparent pricing.

SES research programme

A sustainable energy system is impossible without a Smart Grid and reductions in energy expenditure. The SES research programme focuses on smart grids and ICT for energy-efficient buildings. An important achievement of SES is the training of young talented scientists in this promising interdisciplinary research field. The SES research programme is a joint programme of NWO and STW.

Source: NWO