Marieke Huisman receives Netherlands Prize for ICT Research 2013

15 July 2013

The Netherlands Prize for ICT research 2013 worth €50,000 has been awarded to Dr Marieke Huisman (University of Twente). Computer scientist Huisman leads a research team that is working on reliability and correctness of concurrent software.

The jury was impressed by the quality and size of Marieke Huisman's work. They therefore consider Marieke Huisman to belong to the absolute top of her generation. Most computers and smartphones nowadays run concurrent software: computer programs with different processes that run in parallel. This makes the software faster, but the different processes can interfere, which can cause computers to crash or malfunction. Huisman’s research helps eliminate those bugs and crashes, by use of logic-based reasoning. Over the past ten years she has made considerable progress in this area. 'She is also able to communicate the importance of her research and of computer science in general. She is committed to increasing young people's – and particularly girls' – interest in computer science and technology', according to the jury.

'Glad my research is appreciated'

Marieke Huisman: 'Computers are used in many key areas such as banks and hospitals. Bugs in software can therefore have a major impact, for example in the financial field, and may even cost lives. My research helps eliminate those problems. I am glad to see that this is appreciated. I plan to use the prize mainly to extend my research to other programming languages, especially functional languages. That will increase the impact of my research.'

Louis Vertegaal, director of the NWO division for the Chemical and Physical Sciences: 'This is the third time that we have awarded this prize, in collaboration with IPN, to an excellent scientist at the top of Dutch ICT research. Marieke Huisman is a fantastic young researcher who has contributed to significant breakthroughs in ICT. In addition, she also engages in plenty of activities that are in line with NWO's ambition to make excellent research more accessible to the public.'

About the Netherlands Prize for ICT Research

The Netherlands Prize for ICT research is a unique prize for a scientist, aged 40 years or younger, who carries out innovative research or is responsible for a scientific breakthrough in ICT. The prize is an initiative of ICT-onderzoek Platform Nederland (IPN) and NWO Division for the Physical Sciences in collaboration with the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW). The judging process is overseen by the KHMW. The jury members were professor H.P. Barendregt (Radboud University Nijmegen), professor R.L. Lagendijk (Delft University of Technology) and professor E.O. Postma (Tilburg University).

The prize money of €50,000 can be freely devoted to ICT research. NWO also publishes a poster in collaboration with the winner that provides a straightforward explanation of the prize-winning work. This poster is disseminated to schools and other knowledge institutions. Huisman will be handed the prize on 31 October 2013 during a commemorative ceremony.

About Marieke Huisman

Dr Marieke Huisman (1973) works as an associate professor in the Formal Methods and Tools Group at the University of Twente. Huisman gained her PhD in 2001 at the Computing Science Institute of the University of Nijmegen with her thesis entitled Java program verification in Higher-order logic with PVS and Isabelle. Since then, she has worked as a researcher at INRIA in France (2000-2008) and as an assistant professor at the University of Twente (2008-2011). Huisman has been awarded several prestigious grants, such as an ERC Starting Grant for her project 'VerCors: Verification of Concurrent Data Structures' and a NWO Free Competition grant for her research project 'SlaLoM: Security by Logic for Multithreaded applications'.

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