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TEKNOWLOGY is the Dutch festival where technology, science, innovation and valorisation meet. On 8 November 2018 visitors will be shown the technical innovations of the future and how Dutch science is prepared for it.

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TEKNOWLOGY offers a programme with many (international) speakers, lectures and workshops, and inspiring examples from the applied research of NWO. Next to the Open Mind competition, where the five best original research ideas with societal impact are rewarded with funding, special attention is paid to the 10th anniversary of Perspectief, a funding programme by NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences.

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09.00                Registration / demomarket / Exhibition 10 years
                        Perspectief programme

09.30                Opening Rens de Jong
                        Welcome prof. Jaap Schouten, Chair NWO domain
                        Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES)

09:45                Nature Coast - Protecting Dutch Coast – An
                        international success story

                          Prof. Marcel Stive (TUDelft) and prof. Stefan
( Ecoshape)

10.15-10.30      10 years Perspectief programme

             Building big consortia with big impact

10.30                Coffeebreak with barrista

10:45                Workshops and Open Mind contest 2018

12.15                Lunch

13.30                Preparing for disease X: technology meets public

Prof. dr. Marion Koopmans, Stevin laureate 2018, head of the department of Virology  (Erasmus MC)

13.55                Genetic engineering with CRISPR-Cas - from RNA to

Prof.  dr. John van der Oost, Spinoza laureate 2018, leader of the Bacterial Genetics group in the Laboratory of Microbiology (Wageningen University)

14.20                Introducing projects Perspectief programme 2018
                          Dr. Bertholt Leeftink , Director-General Enterprise &
                          Innovation (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate
                       Policy (EZK))

14.40                Interactive panel – The right balance between
                        content and application

            Live statistics and input generated by the 400
            participants present

15.00               Workshops

16.30               The future of Applied & Engineering Science

                        Interview prof. Jaap Schouten (Chair NWO domain

16:40               Open Mind winners 2017 and awarding ceremony
                        Winners Open Mind Contest 2018

17.00               Get your research in the spotlight

                        prof. Ionica Smeets (Leiden University)

17.20               Closing and drinks



  •  Effective Networking

Drs. Paulien Weikamp ElroyCom

  • Define your product

Dr. E. Cocheret de la Morinière ElroyCom

  • Responsible Innovation: increase the societal success of your innovation!

How do you bring about (technological) innovations that enjoy broad societal support? The NWO research approach Responsible Innovation (MVI), aims to do this by taking societal aspects (e.g. ethical, juridical, economical, psychological) into account in the design process. Learn how insights into societal issues can turn your innovation too into a success!

Dr. Merel Noorman - Tilburg University; Prof. dr. Peter-Paul Verbeek - University of Twente; Prof. Paulien Herder - TU Delft

  • Realizing effective cooperation

Effective cooperation between different partners in a consortium, between different organizations in a cooperative or different parties in a project is a challenge. And because these forms of collaboration are becoming more and more common, it is important to find out how real cooperation can actually be achieved, despite the differences.

The Co-Opera game is a safe, accessible and fun way to experience in a short period of time how to obtain real cooperation between different departments, partners or organizations. Co-Opera addresses real issues that arise during the development of partnerships and consortia. Issues that often remain implicit, under the surface and that therefor can impede true cooperation. By experiencing during the game what these issues are and how you can influence the process of building partnerships, you will learn how to circumvent the most important pitfalls.

 Gert Poppe - CuinQ Consulting

  • A serious game for the biotechnology domain

In our T-TRIPP project, we aim to develop tools for the translation of risk research into policies and practices for the biotechnological domain. One of these tools will be a game for awareness, training and learning purposes; a serious game. Join us today to conduct a gamestorm. Are you curious? Then just drop by!

Maria Freese, Simon Tiemersma, Heide Lukosch and Alexander Verbraeck - Delft University of Technology

Michelle Habets, Lilian van Hove - Rathenau Institute

  • NWO domain AES future plans

Leon Gielgens - NWO

  • Impact Conversations

Dr. E. Cocheret de la Morinière - ElroyCom

  • How to present for your usercommittee

Drs. Paulien Weikamp - ElroyCom

  • Tips and Tricks to Write Successful NWO/TTW Proposals

Are you planning to write a proposal for an NWO/TTW call? Do you want to know what to look out for when framing your project for this call? Then this workshop is for you! An experienced proposal writer will share his experience, tips and tricks to prepare you for writing your best NWO/TTW proposal.

Christopher Keller - Adviesbureau Galindo

  • Start forming a consortium now: key to a successful scientific career

In this workshop, you will learn about the six main trends in the research (funding) landscape in the Netherlands and the EU. The main trend is that more and more, working in consortia is important for acquiring funding and advancing your scientific career. The network you need to form a consortium is not a network with only scientific partners but should include many other type of partners. In this workshop, we will assist you in defining and expanding your current network. With these insights you will be one step closer to forming a consortium!

Daphne den Hollander - Birch, Dolfine Kosters - Birch, Maaike Romijn - Naturalis

  • Applying new technologies in systems; the way we introduced photonics into our radio telescopes

Technology innovation plays a prominent role in our present day society. Almost every technology related company and institute works on some form of technology innovation. These innovation efforts range from small component and system improvements to the development and introduction of breakthrough technologies. Although these breakthrough technologies have a promise of enabling strong improvements in the performance and functionality of a system, their introduction in systems is often quite difficult. 

In the workshop we focus on how to introduce novel technologies in systems taking our case of how we introduce radically new integrated photonics technologies in the latest radio telescope systems as a reference.

In case you like to know how we introduced photonics in radio telescopes or if you are interested in technology innovation in general or if you work on a new technology yourself and you want to know how to get that technology into systems and products, please visit us!

Peter Maat - Astron



Terrein ‘De Wagenwerkplaats’
Piet Mondriaanplein 61
3812 GZ Amersfoort

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Thursday 8 november 2018.


Admission: free

Language: English


Astrid van der Stroom
+31 (0)30 600 12 97

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