Physics@Veldhoven General information

Physics@Veldhoven 2019 has taken place on 22 and 23 January 2019.

Physics@Veldhoven 2019

Physics@Veldhoven takes place each year in January. It is a large congress that provides a topical overview of physics in the Netherlands. Traditionally, young researchers are given the chance to present themselves and their work alongside renowned names from the Dutch and international physics community. The programme covers Light and matter, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Statistical physics and Soft condensed matter, Surfaces and interfaces, Physics of fluids, Subatomic physics, Plasma and fusion physics, and Strongly correlated systems.

Steering Committee 2019

Herman Clercx (TU/e), Hans Hilgenkamp (UT), Stan Bentvelsen (Nikhef) and Tanja Kulkens (NWO) are the members of the Steering Committee for Physics@Veldhoven 2019. This Committee decides on the overall set-up of the conference and appoints a Programme Committee to complete the programme.

Programme Committee 2019

Ron Heeren (MU): Atomic, molecular and optical physics
Esther Alarcón Lladó (AMOLF): Light and matter
Bert Koopmans (TU/e): Nanoscience and -technology
Daniela Kraft (chair) (LEI): Statistical physics & soft condensed matter
Alexander Khajetoorians (RU): Surfaces and interfaces
Johan Padding (TUD): Physics of fluids
Jonathan Citrin (DIFFER): Plasma and fusion physics
Marieke Postma (Nikhef): Subatomic physics
Anne de Visser (UvA): Strongly correlated systems

More information

For more information about the conference please contact the organisation by email.
For photos and video material of Physics@Veldhoven see Archives.

Physics@Veldhoven 2019 aankondiging

Team Veldhoven

Team Veldhoven 2019 consisted of Ammeret Rossouw, Marcel Hoek, Mirjam van Ooijen, Renée Calon, Margit de Kok and Martine van Harderwijk.