'Life Science with Industry' workshop 2019

To encourage cooperation and exchange of knowledge between academia and industry, NWO, BioSB research school and the Lorentz Center jointly organize the ‘Life Science with Industry’ Workshop 2019. In a stimulating setting at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, scientists and researchers from both academia and industry work closely together to find innovative solutions to scientifically challenging and commercially important R&D problems within a week. Participants are young and talented scientists (PhDs, postdocs and more experienced researchers) from different sectors of the life sciences, guided by senior researchers from industry and academia.

Integrating academic knowledge

The workshop offers companies a unique opportunity to have a dedicated and multidisciplinary team of highly motivated young scientists in the life sciences to tackle a specific R&D problem within a week. These teams integrate academic knowledge from different branches of the life sciences, including molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, genomics, bioinformatics, statistics, systems biology, biochemistry and bioengineering, thus ensuring that problems will be approached from different angles. In addition, participation will strengthen your network, leading to possible new collaboration projects and partners.

Creative and innovative solutions

Previous editions of the LSwI workshop have resulted in creative and innovative solutions for challenging R&D problems of both large industry and SMEs, such as Philips, DSM, Keygene, Bejo Zaden, Heineken, Nutricia Research, Danone, Unilever, Syngenta, Pam Gene International, Amsterdam Scientific Industry, Corbion, FEI Electron Optics, NXP Semiconductors, Bioceros and Baseclear, Solynta and VITO.

Last year, the multidisciplinary teams have worked on the following challenging problems:

  • Selective recovery of ethanol and aroma compounds from alcoholic solutions (Heineken)
  • Quality Matters: how to monitor frying quality of potato tubers? (Solynta)
  • A serious Game on Preventive Health (VITO)

Visit the following website to get an impression of the Life Science with Industry Workshop 2018:


Put your own case forward!

Companies are invited to take part in this workshop by putting forward a case for the researchers. A total of four cases will be selected. The organisers strive to include R&D problems from both large industry and SMEs. View the attachment below for more details on the procedure and the format of the proposal. The deadline for submission is 30 April 2019.

Important dates

30 April Deadline submission R&D problems
15 May Four R&D problems selected
27 May Registration open for application of workshop participants
First half of September Registration application closed
Second half of September Selection of ~20 participants completed
11-15 November  LSwI2019 workshop


The Lorentz Center is a Dutch international workshop center. It organizes workshops in the full spectrum of scientific disciplines, aiming to promote innovative research at the scientific frontiers as well as on complex societal challenges. The focus is on stimulating collaboration between communities, also from outside academia. (www.lorentzcenter.nl)


If you have any questions, please contact MSc Klara Scupakova (k.scupakova@maastrichtuniversity.nl) or Dr. Ansa Baykus-Fiaz (a.baykus@nwo.nl).