The conference for Dutch ICT-Research

Due to protective measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) ICT.OPEN is cancelled. Untill 31 March 2020 all events exceeding 100 visitors are cancelled or postponed.

ICT.OPEN is the event for ICT researchers and industry stakeholders. More than 500 scientists and researchers from different ICT Industry come to share information and meet new people.

ICT.OPEN on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 March 2020 cancelled

The field of ICT is rapidly developing. There are many open research questions and new opportunities to apply research results to further transform and improve our society. To bring together fundamental ICT research as well as novel and innovative applications of ICT research, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and the ICT Research Platform for the Netherlands (IPN) are organising ICT.OPEN2020.

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Drs. Esther Vleugel Drs. Esther Vleugel +31 (0)70 3494064 e.vleugel@nwo.nl