Smart Culture Conference 2017

'Exploring Integrated Arts & Culture Research'

At 'Exploring Integrated Arts & Culture Research' Smart Culture Conference 2017 professionals talked about the future of art and culture research. The programme committee welcomed more than 100 researchers and professionals who work on the crossroads of arts, culture and science. Keynote speakers were professor Premesh Lalu and professor Paulo de Assis. Outcomes: new insights, opportunities for cooperation and more need for discussion.

Lecture during Smart Culture Conference 2017

The integrated approach leads to new types of knowledge and opens opportunities for new communities and cooperation. Further discussion on artistic research, PhD’s in the arts, the future of museum research and the future of arts & culture research is necessary.

On Thursday 23 November attendees of the conference shared insights and results in different theme sessions. Topics of discussion:

  • Participatory research
  • Music and (renewed) audience involvement stimulating active participation in a changing society Knowledge and (re)cognition
  • Makers and discourse
  • Society and narratives

On Friday 24 November also the Future NWO-agenda for Arts&Culture research for the coming years was explored.

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. dr. Premesh Lalu, Professor of History, Director of the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) and Deputy Dean for Research and Post-graduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts at University of Western Cape, South Africa;
  • Dr. Paolo de Assis, Principal Investigator of the European Research Council’s project"Experimentation versus Interpretation: Exploring New Paths in Music Performance in the 21st Century”. Dr. De Assis works at the Orpheus Institute;
  • Prof. dr. Sven Dupré, Professor and Chair of History of Art, Science and Technology, Utrecht University, and Professor of History of Art, Science and Technology, University of Amsterdam;
  • Micha Hamel, composer, poet, lector Codarts Rotterdam and member of the Society of the Arts of the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Keynote speakers 2017


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Smart Culture Conference 2018

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