General information

DutchBiophysics is the annual two-day congress on molecular and cellular biophysics. The aim of DutchBiophysics is to bring together all research groups in the Netherlands in the field of molecular and cellular biophysics. The next edition will take place on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October 2019 at NH Conference Centre Koningshof.

DutchBiophysics 2019 programme

The programme of DutchBiophysics 2019 consists of a keynote presentation, various plenary sessions with invited national and international speakers, parallel sessions and poster presentations on various specific themes. During the conference, the BioPM Thesis Prize and the BioPM Poster Prize will be awarded by the Association for Biophysics and Biomedical Technology (BioPM). Also this year the ‘Speed dating session’ will take place again, in which companies, talented researchers and project leaders can easily get into contact with each other.


Topics include the biophysics of living cells and their membranes, the cytoskeleton, molecular motors, DNA and RNA protein interactions, theoretical biophysics, systems biology and networks, photosynthesis, and new developments in light and electron microscopy, imaging and spectroscopy, force probes, (bio)chemical synthesis, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and applications.

Important data

28 May 2019  Deadline submitting oral abstracts
5 September 2019  Extended deadline submitting poster abstracts
5 September 2019  Extended deadline registration for DBP2019
7-8 October 2019  DutchBiophysics 2019



Dutch Biophysics is organised and sponsored by the NWO domain Exact and Natural Sciences (ENW), in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Microscopy (NVvM), the Association for Biophysics and Biomedical Technology (BioPM), and the Dutch Society for Cell Biology (DSCB).


The practical organisation of Dutch Biophysics 2019 is in the hands of Stella Koppel, Renée Calon, Naomi Chrispijn, Thom Ebert and Mirjam van Ooijen.

You can contact the organizers by email at biophysics@nwo.nl.