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DutchBiophysics is the annual meeting on molecular and cellular biophysics. The next edition will take place on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October 2019.

DutchBiophysics 2018: posters, talks and prizes

On Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 October nearly 500 participants gathered in NH Conference Center De Koningshof in Veldhoven to attend DutchBiophysics.

National and international guest speakers gave plenary lectures and there were parallel lectures and poster presentations. Participants had the opportunity to speed date with one of the industrial partners or with an expert in science communication. In the main hall the sponsors’ stands could be visited.

During the conference the Vereniging voor Biofysica en Biomedische Technologie (BioPM) awarded two prizes:the BioPM Thesis Prize and the BioPM Poster Prize.

On Monday night the BioPM Thesis Award was awarded tot Yusaku Hontani (VU Amsterdam) for his thesis titled Photoreaction dynamics of functional photoreceptor proteins. According to the jury 'this thesis provides an excellent and comprehensive overview of methods, which include optogenetics, fluorescence and photosynthesis. All is described in so much detail, that all can benefit from this work'.

After this ceremony keynote speaker Rohit Pappu (Washington University of St. Louis, USA) gave his lecture on biophysical principles of intracellular phase transitions driven by multivalent proteins.

Tuesday afternoon the BioPM Poster Prizes were awarded. After a short speech about the Nobel Prize for Physics, which was announced only a few hours before, the poster prize ceremony was continued with the words 'and now for the real important prize'.

Vakil Takhaveev (RUG) won the poster prize with his poster titled What causes metabolic oscillations in the eukaryotic cell?  Runner up was Sonja Schmid (TUD); Protein sensing with nanopores and in third place Sophie Tschirpke (TUD): In vitro reconstitution of pattern formation in budding yeast: a minimal system approach.

It was the first time in the history of Dutchbiophysics that participants could vote for their favorite posters. Nearly one hundred participants casted their vote.

NWO Domain Science organises and sponsors DutchBiophysics, in collaboration with the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Microscopie (NVvM), de Vereniging voor Biofysica en Biomedische Technologie (BioPM), en de Dutch Society for Cell Biology (DSCB).

DutchBiophysics 2019

The next edition will take place on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October 2019.


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Goal of this annual meeting is to bring together all groups that work on molecular and cellular biophysics, biomedical engineering and microscopy in the Netherlands. The meeting consists of plenary sessions, with invited presentations by (inter)national speakers and special oral and poster sessions.


Topics included the biophysics of living cells and their membranes, the cytoskeleton, molecular motors, DNA and RNA protein interactions, theoretical biophysics, systems biology and networks, photosynthesis, and new developments in light and electron microscopy, imaging and spectroscopy, force probes, (bio)chemical synthesis, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and applications.


You can contact the organizers by email at biophysics@nwo.nl.

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