Food Fights: An online debate series on food & nutrition security

Episode 3: Smallholders and Food & Nutrition Security

Oct 2020

14:00 - 15:00

Smallholders: female laborers picking palmfruit Kwaebibirem - Photo: Andrea Vos

A focus on smallholders and food and nutrition security

“If you want to improve Food and Nutrition Security in rural areas in Low and Middle Income Countries every farmer needs to be a growth-oriented entrepreneur”. That is the provocative proposition that will be central in this online debate. Or: in what ways can smallholder agriculture contribute to improved food and nutrition security in Low and Middle Income Countries. The debate builds on a synthesis article “Smallholders as key actors for food security". The article results from the Food & Business Research synthesis study that highlights learnings from the Food & Business (F&B) Research programme.

Speakers will be announced soon!


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