SURe Exchange Meeting

Dec 2019

NWO, The Hague

On 6 December 2019 (from 13.30 until 17.30) an exchange meeting is organised by the projects funded in the Science for Using Research programme (SURe) of WOTRO Science for Global Development at NWO in The Hague.

During the meeting, different stakeholders (research, policy and practice) are invited to exchange views on the questions mentioned below and to reflect on the preliminary SURe findings and recommendations.

  1. What do we know about the science of underpinning (practices of) the use of research evidence in policy and practice?
  2. What is the contribution of SURe to this knowledge base?
  3. What next? Should we further develop the scientific knowledge base for uptake and implementation and – if yes - how?

More information on the SURe programme

SURe Exchange Meeting

It is appreciated if your colleague could personally register for the meeting.