Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO)

The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (Dutch acronym: NRO) has been established to reduce the gap between scientific research and educational practice. NRO enhances the connection between education research on the one hand and educational practice and policy on the other hand, and provides a coherent long-term programme for scientific research.

NRO realises the scientific research programming on the basis of questions from educational practice, educational policy and science. NRO encourages teachers, school managers, school boards and policy makers to make greater and more frequent use of research results. Therefore these parties are also being involved in the realisation of the programmes, the assessment of research projects and the realisation of the research.

NRO focuses on two types of activity:

  • Developing and realising coherent research programmes in the area of education (from before school care and school education through to university);
  • Connecting research with educational practice.

There are three types of programme within educational research: fundamental, policy-oriented and practice-oriented. NRO is also developing research programmes that intersect with or overarch these three types of research.