TEKNOWLOGY - NWO Innovation Festival

  • Tuesday 16 November 2021 - De Fabrique, Maarssen / online

TEKNOWLOGY is the Dutch festival where technology, science, innovation and valorisation meet. At TEKNOWLOGY visitors are shown the technical innovations of the future and how Dutch science is prepared for it.

Technology, science, innovation and valorisation are traditionally the key concepts that characterise TEKNOWLOGY. For the fifth edition, on Tuesday 16 November 2021, we will add 'connection'. Connection between scientists from different disciplines, connection between researchers and users, connection between fundamental and applied research. In short, a connection between science and society.

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Programme & speakers

Below you can find more information on the various programme elements. In the coming weeks, the programme will be gradually released.

  • From sustainability and coastal protection to medical imaging

    Making the switch to sustainable energy and mobility not only requires new methods and technologies, but also a completely different mindset and cooperation between all conceivable parties and disciplines. In the large Crossover programme NEON (New Energy and mobility Outlook for the Netherlands), programme leader Auke Hoekstra (TU Eindhoven) brings together researchers from various disciplines, NGOs and companies to accelerate the transition.

    The results, after 10 years of operation of the Sand Motor, show how, thanks to innovative research, sustainable coastal management and recreation can go hand in hand. What (technological) innovations await us in the coming decade to protect the Dutch delta and how do we ensure that they are implemented?

    And in medical science, medical image processing systems are increasingly able to support doctors in making diagnoses and determining treatment. Bram van Ginneken (Radboud University), project leader of the Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis (DLMedIa) consortium, explains where we are heading.

  • From foundation to application

    How can we further strengthen the foundation of applied engineering research in the Netherlands? Should universities cooperate more with each other and develop a common focus, for example, how can we increase diversity and what can we do to promote the careers of talented young scientists in the technical sciences? These and other questions will be discussed by three deans of technology. Kofi Makinwa, professor at Delft University of Technology and vice-chairman of the ‘Sectorplan Bèta en Techniek’, will also talk to five international researchers who are carrying out a groundbreaking project at one of the Dutch universities on the basis of the Sectorplan about their experiences, challenges and dilemmas.

  • TEK Talks and Innovation Market

    Outside the main stage, innovation, renewal and inspiration are also buzzing at TEKNOWLOGY. At the Innovation Market, researchers will show prototypes, scale models, computer animations and physical products that are the result of their research. Scientists will give TEK Talks in which they will explain their project and share their knowledge in ten minutes in a concise, accessible and inspiring manner. There are also duo interviews that show the added value and difficulties of public-private and interdisciplinary cooperation.

  • Research with Open Mind

    Live on TEKNOWLOGY, fifteen researchers will pitch their original out-of-the-box research idea in the finals of Open Mind. An expert jury will then select the five most appealing proposals, which will be rewarded at the end of the afternoon with a cheque for 50,000 euros per proposal so they can develop their idea in the coming year.

    More information about Open Mind and some appealing examples of original research can be found here.

  • Workshops and information on research funding

    How do I write a good research proposal, what can I do to get publicity for my results and how does it work with a patent application? What opportunities do NWO and other parties offer to obtain funding for my research and how do I qualify? For the answers to these and other questions, visitors can attend one of the workshops or visit the information points at the Innovation Market.

    For researchers who have developed a potentially groundbreaking solution to a major social issue in their research, and who are motivated to develop a company or non-profit organisation around that solution, a unique new instrument will become available next year in the form of the ‘Faculty of Impact’. The initiators will be present.

  • Sosha Duysker presents

    The presentation on the main stage is in the hands of Sosha Duysker. After four years with Het Klokhuis, she made the switch to the science television programme Atlas and can now also be seen with Khalid & Sophie. At the end of last year, she won the award for the greatest journalistic presentation talent of 2020. She was also nominated for the Eberhard van der Laan Award, which is presented annually to people who play a connecting role in society through their performance and personality.

  • Online programme

    As things stand, we can welcome over four hundred visitors on location. For those who are not able to come to Maarssen but are interested in parts of the programme, TEKNOWLOGY can also be followed online. The main programme, the TEK Talks and the Open Mind pitches will be available live via the event-app. Some of the demos, which have been visited beforehand by the TEKNOWLOGY on Tour team, can also be viewed there remotely.


Admission: free
Language: English
Location: De Fabrique, Maarssen / online

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