Online workshop Working with an Impact Plan

  • 12 May, 27 May, 2 June, 8 June, 14 Juni, 22 June, 24 June en 29 June
KIC workshops

NWO organises online workshops in May and June of 2021 for consortia who are working on a (complete) proposal for one of the current KIC MISSION or DEMAND calls. During this workshop we’ll explain why we work with an Impact Plan. Furthermore during this workshop we will help consortia to work towards the first steps of the desired impact plan for their proposal.


Society is facing increasingly complex challenges and issues for which solutions must be found. Think of the energy transition, the manageability of healthcare, or climate change. New knowledge and insights from various disciplines of scientific research (and by both public and private parties) can contribute significantly towards solutions for these societal challenges. The opportunity for research to achieve societal impact is greatly increased by involving all (interdisciplinary) stakeholders that play a part in the research from the start and to jointly formulate an impact plan. This impact plan describes the concrete societal impact the research aims to have and how this is expected to be achieved, which research is necessary to that end and which stakeholders play a part in it.

Online workshop Impact plan

NWO organises online workshops for consortia in May and June of 2020, in which we address the ideas on which utilization of knowledge based: the Theory of Change and Impact pathway. These are the tools that NWO proposes to generate an impact plan as part of the research proposal for the current KIC MISSION and DEMAND calls. During the workshop we offer each consortium the opportunity to work on the first steps towards an impact plan for their proposal in a separate break-out session.  After the workshop the consortium can then further refine and complete the impact plan during the preparation of the (definitive) proposal.

Participation and representation

Crucial to the success of participation in this workshop is a representative representation of the consortium, through which various perspectives can be brought to light and used. Therefore we recommend each consortium to be represented by a combination of researchers, collaboration partners and co-funding partners. This means a representation of at least three participants per consortium is expected. To keep the size of the group workable during the workshop, we advise to attend with a maximum of seven or eight participants.

Participation of this workshop is free. If any non-Dutch speaking participants sign up for one of the workshops, this workshop will be given in the English language.  

Date and times

A variety of dates and times is available, subject to sufficient participation:

  • Wednesday 12 May      09.30 - 12.30                 
  • Thursday 27 May          13.30 - 16.30
  • Wednesday June 2     13.30 - 16.30          
  • Tuesday June 8            13.30 - 16.30
  • Monday 14 June           13.30 - 16.30                      
  • Tuesday 22 June         09.30 - 12.30
  • Thursday June 24      13.30 - 16.30                     
  • Tuesday June 29        09.30 - 12.30
  • Tuesday, June 29       13.30 - 16.30

From July 2021 onwards NWO expects to also offer this workshop through an e-learing module.

Sign Up

When your consortium wishes to participate in this workshop, please select a minimum of two of the above mentioned dates on which the participants of your consortium can attend. You can sign up until one week before the first selected workshop of choice. In the week before the workshop the contactperson of the consortium will receive a confirmation of participation and further instructions for the participants. You can sign up by completing this registration.

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More information

If you have any questions about (registering for) the workshop you can contact NWO via Questions with respect to the scope and/or requirements of the call are addressed by the NWO programme manager (contact details on the programme / call webpage).