Insight Out event for women in STEM

Insight Out rechtenvrij beeld NWO

NWO Insight Out is a biennial career and networking event for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines. On three consecutive Thursdays in November, guided by various topical themes, a platform will be provided for women to connect with each other.

Within the STEM disciplines, women are often a numerical minority. This event provides an opportunity for women to meet others, learn and inspire each other across organizational boundaries and career stages. By offering a variety of live and online plenary presentations, panel discussions, workshops and networking activities, the event strives to provide a perspective for women aspiring a career in STEM.

Insight Out is organised by NWO, with input from LNVH, ECHO, de Jonge Akademie, PNN, PostdocNL and Young Academy Europe.

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  • Dates

    Insight Out will take place at three consecutive Thursdays:

    • 2 November 2023 | 13:00 – 15:15 | (run-up) online event 1 | Academic Mental Health
    • 9 November 2023 | 13:00 – 15:00 | (run-up) online event 2 | Mothers in STEM
    • 16 November 2023 | 09:30 – 18:00 | live event @ Van der Valk Utrecht
  • Themes

    This year’s focus for NWO Insight Out is: Connecting women in STEM.

    The specific themes are:

    • Navigating the Dutch academic system

    Navigating the Dutch academic system can be challenging, especially for international scientists, scientists in their early or mid-career and/or with an unconventional career path. Part of the solution is understanding the written and unwritten rules of the academic world as a working environment. How can you make this system work for you and others?

    • Work-life balance

    How do you balance work in academia and your private life, and how do you maintain your mental health? Private roles, such as parenting and caretaking, can be enriching, but can also create conflicts when trying to combine them with an academic career. Especially in this era where we still work from home regularly, combining work and caring for a loved one can be challenging. Online event 1 will include personal stories from role models and workshops about ‘academic mental health’, whereas online event 2 will pay specific attention the topic ‘mothers in STEM’.

    • Social safety in the workplace

    An important, fundamental condition for making your voice heard is the extent to which you feel safe to speak up in your workplace. Making behaviour in the workplace a structural topic of discussion can help strengthen this feeling. This theme will therefore offer a place for inspiring stories and sharing experiences, and will provide tools to apply in your own workplace. This theme will be part of the live event and special attention will be given to the topic ‘mental health’ on online event 1.

    • Connecting in your working environment

    As a result of Covid-19, nowadays it is common to (partly) work from home, also for academics. Hybrid working has become the new norm in many academic organisations, with several meetings still taking place online. How do you make real connections in ‘hybrid meetings’ and how do you build and maintain your network in this semi-digital era?

  • Programme

    The programme is divided into three days. The live event on 16 November will feature inspiring talks and activating workshops, and is the perfect opportunity to network with each other. During the online events on 2 and 9 November, which will act as a run-up to the live event, the topics Academic Mental Health and Mothers in STEM will be covered more in depth in a more intimate setting.

    The full programme is available on the registration website.

  • Looking back at Insight Out 2021

    Watch the video impression of Insight Out 2021.