NWO funds and stimulates eminent scientific research in the field of mathematics.

Mathematics is part of the NWO Domain Science (ENW). The Mathematics Roundtable is an important advisory body for the NWO Domain Science Board.

Mathematics is an indispensable science for gaining an understanding of the nature, origin and future of humanity, the world and the universe. In view of the broad scientific, economic and societal interests it is vital that the Netherlands retains its top position in mathematics.

A Delta Plan for Dutch Mathematics (2015) provides an integrated approach for research, education, teacher training courses and innovation with respect to mathematics. NWO has made funds available for the realisation of the plan, including consolidation of the four mathematics clusters. These clusters were established in 2005 to give mathematics more focus and mass. They now form the foundations for Dutch mathematics.

NWO maintains strong links with researchers, public partners and private partners in the field of mathematics, for example through supporting the annual Dutch Mathematical Congress and the Study Group Mathematics with Industry. A good connection with other organisational units of NWO, ZonMw and other knowledge institutions is also vital. NWO also supports the following organisational units within mathematics: the Committee Research of the Platform Wiskunde Nederland (Dutch) and the Mathematics Council (Dutch).

NWO stimulates collaborations and strategic programmes within several top sectors that are relevant for mathematics and that align with the Dutch National Research Agenda. NWO is also involved in national and international developments within mathematics.

Christiane Klöditz is the head of the Mathematics & Computer Science Team.