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Laws and regulations concerning funding

As a funder of research, NWO manages a substantial budget of public funds. It is therefore important that NWO has the confidence of the relevant stakeholders that it is fulfilling its statutory task with expertise and integrity. This is guaranteed by establishing competences and responsibility, and developing clear rules and procedures. Here, you can consult all legislation, policy rules and codes of conduct that specify NWO’s tasks and responsibilities.

As an independent directive body (founded in 1950) with the authority to distribute public resources, NWO falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The tasks and responsibilities are established in the NWO Act. 

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NWO Grant rules 

Approval of funding for scientific research

Compensation schemes (sick leave, parental leave or force majeur) 

Integrity & the Dutch Research Council

Code  for dealing with personal interests

Code Strategy and Policy advice

Scientific integrity