Integral call planning

Due to a hack of NWO's network, the grant procedure for all rounds of NWO, including those of the Taskforce for Applied Research (SIA) and the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO), was suspended on 13 February. In general, the basic principle for the resumption of the funding process is that all deadlines will be put back by five weeks from the date they were originally planned. In certain cases the new dates will be corrected, for example if the relevant dates fall on public holidays or during holiday periods. The revised integral call planning can be found on this page.

Latest update: 4 June 2021

Please note:

  • This overview is not yet complete. New instruments will be added as soon as possible once their time frame has been established.
  • Only the ZonMw instruments belonging to the Talent Scheme (Veni, Vidi, Vici), Rubicon and the Dutch Research Agenda call-for-proposals are included in this overview. 
  • More information about instruments can be found on the relevant grant page. 
  • No rights may be derived from this overview.


(Expected) date posted Instrument Deadline Phase Organisational part
03-12-2020 Climate adaptations and health 03-06-2021 Pre-proposals NWO
    18-11-2021 Full proposals  
  China-NSFC 2020 08-06-2021 Full proposals NWO
15-01-2021 KIC: ECCM KICkstart DE-NL 15-06-2021 Full proposals KIC
10-12-2020 KIC: Mission driven innovation systems in a regional context 17-06-2021 Pre-proposals KIC
    14-10-2021 Full proposals  
Jan-21 Open source encryptie research 24-06-2021 Full proposals Science
24-07-2020 KIC LWV: Climate robust production systems and water management 29-06-2021 Full proposals KIC
24-07-2020 KIC LWV: Aquatic food production 29-06-2021 Full proposals KIC
26-01-2020 Gebruik NCO-database promotieonderzoek 05-07-2021 Full proposals NRO
24-07-2020 KIC E&D: Circularity 31-08-2021 Full proposals KIC
24-07-2020 KIC G&Z: Lifestyle and living environment 31-08-2021 Full proposals KIC
24-07-2020 KIC G&Z: Living with dementia 31-08-2021 Full proposals KIC
24-07-2020 KIC: Key technologies 28-09-2021 Full proposals KIC
07-09-2020 Veni 2021 02-09-2021 Full proposals NWO
07-09-2020 SGW Veni 2021 02-09-2021 Full proposals SSH
07-09-2020 TTW Veni 2021 02-09-2021 Full proposals AES
07-09-2020 ENW Veni 2021 20-05-2021 Full proposals Science
07-09-2020 ZonMw Veni 2021 20-05-2021 Full proposals ZonMw
11-11-2020 KIC Human Capital: learning communities as innovtion accelerator 14-09-2021 Full proposals KIC
24-07-2020 KIC E&D: Innovations for wind and solar energy 06-09-2021 Full proposals KIC
01-05-2020 Promotiebeurs voor leraren, 2e ronde 2021 07-09-2021 Full proposals SGW
06-10-2020 KIC: Demand-Driven Partnerships for Consortia round 1 09-09-2021 Full proposals KIC
May-20 RAAK-PRO 21-09-2021 Full proposals SIA
Sep-20 Museum Grants II 21-09-2021 Full proposals SSH
15-04-2021 Brazilie-2020 21-09-2021 Full proposals NWO
  Vici 2021 21-09-2021 Uitgewerkte aanvragen NWO
13-10-2020 Gezondheidsverschillen - Beter benutten van het gezondheidspotentieel van mensen met een lagere sociaaleconomische positie 28-09-2021 Full proposals NWA
22-10-2020 KIC: Data and Intelligence 30-09-2021 Full proposals KIC
22-10-2020 KIC: Maritime Hightech 30-09-2021 Full proposals KIC
20-07-2020 Perspectief 2020-2021 05-10-2021 Full proposals AES
13-07-2020 NWA-ORC 2020/21 07-10-2021 Full proposals NWA
09-12-2020 KIC E&D: Energy transition as a socio-technical challenge 02-11-2021 Full proposals KIC
July 2021 Vidi 02-11-2021 Full proposals NWO
Dec-20 KIEM GoCl (continuous submission) 30-11-2021 Full proposals SIA
28-04-2020 KIEM GoChem (continuous submission) 30-11-2021 Full proposals SIA
ntb NWO Investment Grant Large december 2021 Letter of intent Science
    15-02-2022 Full proposals  
Jan-21 Open Technology Program (continuous submission) 31-12-2021 Full proposals AES
01-10-2020 Open competitie ENW-XL 25-01-2022 Full proposals Science
16-10-2020  KIC: Lange Termijn Programma's 01-09-2022 Full proposals (is determined on a proposal-by-proposal basis) KIC