Getting started with knowledge utilisation

Knowledge utilisation increases the chance of societal impact of research. NWO therefore encourages researchers to always pay attention to knowledge utilisation. In a manner that is in line with the goals of the funding line.

But how do you do that?

The workshops in the new e-learning environment at help you to develop a concrete picture of how you want to increase the chance of your research having a societal impact.

What can you expect?

The workshops have a modular structure, in an e-learning environment. So you can decide for yourself when, with whom, where and how often you use them. Each workshop consists of a combination of 'theory' and 'getting started' chapters with instructions in video. You will start step-by-step with making your goals and approach for knowledge utilisation concrete. For the published workshops instruction videos and working documents are available.

- Start early! Before you start working out a full proposal. Thinking about social impact takes time. 
- Do it together! Get off to a flying start with your research partners.

What is the benefit of the workshops?

  • A concrete picture of the societal impact that your research focuses on and of the approach and associated knowledge utilisation activities in your project or programme.
  • Are you doing the workshop with your consortium or research team? Then the workshops help to clarify expectations and everyone's role and contribution.
  • A better picture of what NWO expects in an application and a project with regard to social impact.

Which workshops are there?

Currently, there are workshop available for ‘Working with an Impact Plan’ and ‘An Impact Outlook for your research’. In due course we also expect to offer a workshop for the Impact Focus approach.

NWO usually decides which approach to use based on the goal and focus of the funding instrument. For some instruments, the applicant can choose. If you do not yet know exactly which approach to use, first check out this short animation.