Research funding

NWO funds scientific research at Dutch universities and research institutes. NWO does this through a range of funding instruments linked to its ambitions.

NWO has several categories of funding instruments for researchers:

  • large-scale, long-term research programmes focussed on a specific target or theme, or collaboration between researchers, partly set up in close consultation with other partners (More on Public-private partnerships and public-public partnerships)
  • for individual researchers focussed on encouraging talent
  • for the realisation and use of large-scale infrastructure
  • for curiosity-driven, non-programmed research
  • for research programmes focussed on international collaboration and exchange
  • for knowledge dissemination and open access publication of research results.

Knowledge utilisation

The funding instruments cover the entire spectrum of fundamental and applied research. Knowledge utilisation (societal and scientific applicability of the results) is increasingly a criterion in the assessment of funding instruments .

Funding rounds

The frequency of funding rounds varies per instrument, from one per year, or several rounds per year, to submission on a continuous basis.

Funding instruments can be specific to an NWO domain or a group of NWO domains. Other instruments are NWO wide.

An overview of all NWO funding instruments is given under Our funding instruments. The description of the instruments, and the associated calls for proposals, contain all relevant information about how to submit research proposals, and how submitted proposals are assessed.

More funding for researchers

Researchers can also apply for NWO funding at:

Simplification of Research Funding Instruments

Higher degree of clarity and a better connection between the domains for multidisciplinary research proposals.