WOTRO Impact and Innovation Grants (I&IG)

The WOTRO Impact and Innovation Grants (I&IG) programme offers researchers from (previously) funded NWO-WOTRO projects the opportunity to strengthen the societal impact of the project or to develop an innovative, societally relevant research idea derived from the findings of the project.


NWO-WOTRO realises that ideas for new research or for the uptake of research results often emerge at the last stages of the research or even after the research project has formally ended, because scientific research often follows unpredictable paths. Therefore NWO-WOTRO provides the Impact and Innovation Grants for proposals that build on specific, previously funded NWO-WOTRO projects. This can take one of two forms: 1) either proposals that strengthen research uptake and increase the societal impact of previously funded NWO-WOTRO projects, or 2) proposals that want to initiate innovative research derived from the findings of previously funded NWO-WOTRO projects. Proposals will be distributed amongst these two clusters.

Who can apply

Researchers can submit an application if they:

  • Hold a doctorate;
  • And are a former PhD or postdoc researcher financed by an eligible (see section 3.1 and annex 6.1 of the Call for proposals) previously funded NWO-WOTRO research project from which they use the research results for their current proposal. This should be confirmed in the letter of confirmation by the former Principal Investigator (and/or main applicant) of the previously funded NWO-WOTRO research project;
  • And have an appointment period with a research organisation in the Netherlands or any other country for the entire term of the I&IG project (see for all the requirements section 3.1 of the Call for proposals).

What to apply for

The subsidy has a minimum amount of 20,000 euros and a maximum amount of 50,000 euros per project. The minimum duration of a project is six months and the maximum duration is two years.

For the WOTRO-I&IG there are no requirements or obligations on the type of activities. All activities that strengthen the societal impact of the earlier research results or focus on developing an innovative societally relevant research idea that stems from the findings of the (previously) funded NWO-WOTRO project are eligible for funding. Applicants are required to draw up a realistic budget and explain why the spending choices are relevant to the project. See for more information about what can be applied for see section 3.2 of the Call for proposals.

When to apply 

  • The deadline for submissions in this call for proposals is 19 January 2021, 14:00 hours CET (via ISAAC).
  • If applicable: The deadline for the submission of documents to check the eligibility of Non-Dutch research organisations is 17 December 2020 (via email WOTRO-iig@nwo.nl). See section 3.1 of the Call for proposals for the requirements.



To make the ranking, the assessor looks at all assessment aspects for the specific cluster as listed below. The assessor looks at the assessment aspects to judge the proposal and makes the ranking based on them. Proposals are anonymous to ensure that the judgement is solely based on quality of the project.

The assessment aspects for the proposals submitted to the ‘Cluster Societal Impact Grants’ are:

  • Potential societal impact
  •  Feasibility of the project plan

The assessment aspects for the proposals submitted to the ‘Cluster Innovation Seed Grants’ are:

  • Societal relevance
  • Innovativeness
  • Feasibility of the project plan

Please see section 4.2 of the Call for proposals for a further breakdown of the criteria.


As an applicant, you are also an assessor in the WOTRO Impact and Innovation Grants assessment process: applicants will assess each other’s proposals. This assessment procedure is relatively new, but has been piloted in the call for proposals of NWO Open Competition Domain Science – XS.

The applications will be divided into two clusters (cluster Societal Impact Grants and cluster Innovation Seed Grants) on the basis of the cluster indicated by the applicants on the application forms. Within each of the two clusters, two groups will be made that assess each other. 

More information about the timetable and the procedure can be found in section 4.1 of the call for proposals.



Open for application


19 January 2021 14:00

Grant type

Cooperation and Exchange


20,000 euros and a maximum amount of 50,000 euros per project.


International collaboration (2011-2014) Knowledge sharing (2019-2022) Research (2019-2022)


Mw. drs. P.S. Griffioen Mw. drs. P.S. Griffioen +31 (0)70-344 09 76 wotro-iig@nwo.nl