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Funding can be requested for activities that contribute to the interlinkage of research and implementation. These include exchange, capacity development and next steps to implementation based on earlier research findings. Proposals are the result of a clear demand from an in-country institute or organisation involved in the implementation and development of delta planning. Therefore, proposals are submitted by a main applicant who is affiliated at an in-country institute or organisation.


This call has a specific focus on enhancing the use and translation of UDW research results for innovation and implementation in delta management and strengthening the development and implementation of delta policies and management. The call will contribute to the following specific objectives of the UDW programme:

  1. Uptake of research results and application of tools and perspectives for improving institutional and legal frameworks for delta and river basin management, and robust planning techniques and new scenario building methods for decision-making under uncertainty.
  2. Improved capacity of organisations, groups and individuals including researchers and policy makers, to influence global water safety, water and food security and sustainable economic development in deltas.
  3. New knowledge and insights in use that add value to processes, products, services, technologies, policies or ideas that are made available to markets, governments and society, which enhance the future competitive position of businesses.

A contribution to the Bangladesh Deltaplan 2100 knowledge agenda or comparable agendas in other countries is expected.

Who can apply

The main applicant should be affiliated at an in-country institute or organisation (applied knowledge institute, (non) governmental organisation, private for profit sector partner) involved in the implementation and development of delta planning. The representative of the main applicant organisation should hold a senior position.

The main applicant will act as project coordinator and point of contact with NWO-WOTRO, meaning he/she is responsible for the communication with NWO-WOTRO and the distribution of information within the team, as is stipulated in the NWO regulations. One or more (co) applicants are or have been involved in (UDW) research.

What to apply for

Proposals fit one of the following strands:

  • Exchange: to enhance the interlinkage of research and implementation. For applicants wishing to discuss, exchange and disseminate research information. Proposals are directed to improving exchange, sharing and use of existing knowledge & research in development and implementation of delta management activities.

Grants <€   25,000 Max 24 months

  • Capacity: to provide training/capacity development activities based on research findings. For applicants wishing to use research findings or available expertise in training students or professionals in delta management related fields of interest.

Grants <€  50,000 Max 24 months

  • Implementation: to offer opportunities for next steps in research to implementation. For applicants wishing to conduct practitioner-led projects that directly fit the knowledge needs and build upon or make use of research findings from UDW or other research programmes. 

Grants < €  200,000 12-24 months

When to apply

  • The deadline for applications was 17 September 2019, 14.00 CEST



  • Relevance: IIs the proposal based upon a concrete demand of an end-user? Is the composition of the project team appropriate and are relevant partners from government or business involved? Does the proposal fit the call / selected strand?  
  • Significance: Does the proposal build upon relevant, newly generated evidence, tools, analysis or theory from UDW research? Does the proposal provide for added value for implementation or next steps to application? Does the proposal clearly specify how next steps in the innovation and implementation process of delta management and planning will be achieved? What is the potential for impact and sustainability of the activity? 
  • Adequacy, feasibility and efficiency of the approach: Is it clear how results will be translated or shared for scale-up/scale-out? Are the objectives, activities, timelines, milestones and resources requested coherent, realistic and relevant? Does the proposal represent good value for money?


Assessment of proposals take place twice a year. 

  1. The Relevance (criterion 1) will be assessed through involvement of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), who will be in charge to organise this part of the assessment. 
  2. Proposals will be pre-assessed on their quality by members of the International Advisory Committee, which is an independent expert panel that supports the Steering Committee of UDW;
  3. Applicants will receive the opportunity for rebuttal.
  4. The IAC will draw up an advice based upon the proposals, Embassies’  reviews, pre-assessments and rebuttal.

The funding decision will be made by the Steering Committee of UDW in December 2019, based upon the advice of the IAC. 



Temporarily closed for application


17 September 2019 14:00

Grant type



220.000 euros


Urbanising Deltas of the World


Nexus (2019-2022)


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Bangladesh


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