Smart Industry 2019

Smart Industry is about future-proof industrial & product systems; these are smart and interconnected and make use of Cyber Physical Systems. It is all about digital transformation and customization. This SI2019 call specifically addresses cross cutting science challenges at the intersection of user-centered customization, big data technologies, autonomous systems, smart systems and smart equipment.


This call operates at the intersection of Smart Industry, Big Data/Commit2Data, and Creative Industry. This is a second call in this context; the first (SI2016) was organised in 2016 and resulted in six granted research proposals.

The SI2019 call addresses a subset of the topics described in the Smart Industry roadmap document. 
Specific themes are:

  • Mass customization / use-based adaptation
  • Human Centered Technology / Human Technology Interaction 
  • Digital Twin
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • (Trusted) data sharing 
  • Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Robotics 

All projects are required to be a clear multidisciplinary collaboration, drawing from the creative industry, the High Tech Systems & Materials community and the Data Science / big data community. Furthermore, public-private collaborations are required as part of the projects, between scientists and companies; the scientists involved in the research can either be only academic or a mixture of academic and UAS. 

Who can apply

Scientists employed by Dutch Universities and institutes eligible for funding by NWO (see ‘Guide for applicants’ published separately) can submit a EoI and later on a full-proposal to this call.
Furthermore, in each application researchers from universities of applied science (UAS) can participate as co-applicants. The co-applicant from a UAS must have a lector position or more than three years research experience.

Also the possibility is offered to deploy expertise from abroad for part of the research project. See the brochure for details.

What to apply for

A maximum of € 750.000,- NWO-contribution can be requested per project for academic research and a top-on subsidy of maximum € 100.000,- is available per project for researchers from universities of applied science that participate as co-applicants. This budget can be utilised for: 

  • Staff 
  • Materials including small equipment (maximum of € 160,000.-) and foreign travel costs
  • Knowledge utilisation (maximum of € 25,000.-)
  • Foreign knowledge institution contribution through the principle Money follows Cooperation.

At least 30% of each project’s total costs (required financial resources plus in-kind contributions) must consist of co-financing from users (cash and/or in-kind contribution). At least 15% of the financial resources required to conduct the research must be in the form of cash co-financing from the users.

When to apply

  • The deadline for submission of an Expression of Interest was Thursday 27 June 2019, 14:00:00 CEST
  • The deadline for full proposal submission is Thursday 19 September 2019, 14:00:00 CEST



  • Submission of an expression of interest is obligatory before submitting a full-proposal.
  • Full proposals need to address a balanced mix of research themes, fitting in at least two impact domains. Please see all details in the brochure, section 2.
  • All projects are required to be a clear multidisciplinary collaboration, drawing from the creative industry, the High Tech Systems & Materials community and the Data Science/big data community; societal relevance, sustainability and human interaction with (the product of) the technology and economic viability are crucial elements.
  • Public-private collaborations are required.
  • Scientists involved can either be only academic or a mixture of academic and UAS.


The Expressions of Interest are mandatory for submitting a full proposals. In July feedback, especially regarding the required multi-disciplinary character of the proposed research will be given to the main applicant.  
After an eligible test, the full proposals will be evaluated by referees on scientific quality, utilisation potential and fit to the themes of the programme. An evaluation committee, consisting of a balanced mix of experts from fields involved in this call,  will advise the NWO domain AES board which proposals to grant financing. The NWO domain AES board will decide early 2020.

Beware: after submission in Isaac please e-mail the form Expression of Interest to



Open for full proposals, by invitation only


19 September 2019 14:00

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4.1 million euro

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Smart Industry


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