HTSM MVI top-up

Project leaders whose application was awarded funding within HTSM 2019 can submit an application to the HTSM MVI top-up call. This applies both to researchers who completed an MVI passage in their HTSM 2019 application as equally researchers who did not. NWO will hold an information meeting for applicants.


To ensure that these HTSM research projects lead to socially responsible innovations, NWO has decided to offer the possibility of integrating some of these projects with MVI research. MVI stands for Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren (Responsible Innovation), the approach that NWO has developed for research into the ethical and social aspects (such as legal, sociological, economic and psychological aspects) of technological and other innovations. For an explanation of the MVI approach, see also Section 2 and the NWO website: 

NWO-MVI research focuses on important societal challenges and the innovations required for these. It itemises the societal aspects of these (technological) innovations at an early stage so that they can be taken into account during the design and development phase. The aim of NWO-MVI research is to realise innovations that are acceptable to society. 

Voor wie

The main applicants of projects awarded funding in the HTSM 2019 call can submit an application.

An important step in drawing up an application is the information meeting on 22 January 2020. This meeting is mandatory for researchers wishing to submit an application. 

Wat aanvragen

The maximum NWO contribution per project is € 250,000 (including VAT). The minimum NWO contribution per project is € 100,000 (including VAT).


Deadline for submitting MVI top-up applications is 16 april 2020, 14:00 uur CE(S)T, via ISAAC 



The assessment committee evaluates whether the applications fit within the objectives of this call: Scientific quality and responsible innovation (MVI approach). 

See the call for proposals for further details.


The assessment procedure is described in detail in the call for proposals.



Temporarily closed for application


16 April 2020 14:00

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500,000 euros

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Applied and Engineering Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities


High Tech Systems and Materials


Knowledge sharing (2019-2022)




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