Call HTSM 2019

The call HTSM 2019 is open for funding applications which concern applied research in High Tech Systems & Materials. Assistant, associate and full professors (or with comparable positions) with a tenured position can apply as well as Researchers with a tenure track appointment.


The call HTSM of NWO domain TTW is a result of the Dutch topsector policy. Researchers are challenged together with companies to develop knowledge for technological breakthroughs and innovative applications. The call HTSM 2019 aims to encourage excellent fundamental and application-oriented research in the area of high-tech systems and materials in the Netherlands, in order to strengthen the Netherlands' competitive position in this area internationally. NWO also intends to make it possible for accepted research applications in the Call HTSM 2019 to integrate the proposed research with responsible innovation (MVI) research.

Who can apply

  • Assistant, associate and full professors (or with comparable positions) with a tenured position as wel as researchers with a tenure track appointment can apply.
  • Only research proposals that provide an explicit contribution to one of the roadmaps (or crosssectoral theme ICT) of the topsector HTSM may be submitted.
  • The research proposals are assessed in advance to fit in one of the HTSM roadmaps. A passendheidsform must be submitted: see further under "When to apply".
  • At least 30% of each project’s total costs (required financial resources plus in-kind contributions) must also consist of co-financing from users (cash and/or in-kind contribution).
  • At least 15% of the financial resources required to conduct the research must be in the form of cash co-financing from the users.

What to apply for

The maximum TTW contribution is 750,000 euro (inclusive of Dutch VAT) per project. The contribution can be used for:

  1. personnel temporarily appointed to the project at the research institute,
  2. materials (consumables, small instruments and aids, and domestic travel expenses),
  3. foreign travel,
  4. equipment (durable scientific equipment in respect of which economic value is depreciated).

When to apply

  • The deadline for the fit into the programme(passendheidsformulier): April 29th 2019, 14.00 uur CEST, via e-mail to
  • The deadline for full proposals was June 11th 2019, 14:00 uur CEST, via ISAAC



  1. Passendheidsformulier is judged on the fit within the HTSM roadmaps
  2. Full proposals are judged on the criteria scientific quality and utilisation


  • The passendheidsformulier is judged on fit within one of the HTSM roadmaps by the roadmap leaders. Only on agreement by the roadmap leader on the fit of the "passendheidsformuler" to one of the roadmaps, the applicants can submit a full proposal.
  • Full proposals are reviewed by international reviewers after which an applicant receives an opportunity for a rebuttal. A multidisciplinary jury assigns two scores to each proposal that carry equal weighting, one for scientific quality and one for utilisation (perspective). The TTW Board will decide on awarding and bases its judgment largely on the order established by the jury rankings.

More information

More information on the roadmaps of the topsector HTSM can be found at:




Temporarily closed for application


11 June 2019 14:00

Grant type



9.500.000 euros (5.500.000 euros from NWO, and 4.000.000 euros from TKI-HTSM)

Science area

Applied and Engineering Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities


High Tech Systems and Materials


Knowledge sharing (2019-2022)




Dhr. dr. P. (Paul) Schuddeboom (Senior Program Officer) Dhr. dr. P. (Paul) Schuddeboom (Senior Program Officer) +31 (0)30 6001269


Dr. Elisa Guasti (Programmamedewerker) Dr. Elisa Guasti (Programmamedewerker) +31 (0)30 6001395