Researchers who want to apply their technology at third parties can request for funding from NWO to further develop their technology as the basis for a potential commercial product. The Demonstrator programme offers scientists the opportunity to make the results of their research attractive for the market.


The Demonstrator programme focuses on facilitating and stimulating the application of research results from Dutch universities, research institutes or Universities of Applied Sciences (funded by SIA). The programme aims at further developing the technology to the level of a Minimal Viable Product. This demonstrator version can be used to show a third party what the application perspectives of the underlying technology are and that this is ready for transfer ("Show to Transfer” ). The eventual commercialisation of the technology is realised at and by a commercial third party. 

Who can apply

Teachers and lecturers with a permanent appointment at a Dutch university of applied sciences can submit an application.

Professors, associate professors and other researchers with a similar appointment can apply if they have an employment contract for at least the duration of the project for which the grant is being requested and if they are also employed by one of the following organizations:

  • Universities established in the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
  • University medical centers;
  • KNAW and NWO institutes;
  • the Netherlands Cancer Institute;
  • the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen;
  • the Dubble bundle line at the ESRF in Grenoble;
  • NCB Naturalis;
  • Advanced Research Center for NanoLithography (ARCNL);
  • Princess Máxima Center.

What to apply for

 A maximum of €  150,000 (including VAT) can be requested for a proposal in this call. A Demonstrator project has a maximum duration of 18 months. The following budget modules are available within this call:

  • PhD student;
  • Postdoc;
  • Non-scientific staff (NWP) at universities;
  • Staff of universities of applied sciences;
  • Specified costs of personnel (with business development and / or project-related tasks - technical or preparatory tasks aimed at transferring the Demonstrator technology) in temporary employment of a university, research institution or university of applied sciences;
  • Material costs;
  • Costs for patent protection during the duration of the Demonstrator project;
  • Costs of third parties as far as this concerns project activities, which are carried out by third parties at the request of the applicant.

When to apply

The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday 3 March 2020 at 14:00 hours CET. 



  • Technologically innovative aspects (weighting factor 1)
  • Transfer potential (weighting factor 1)
  • Project approach & team (weighting factor 1)

For the specifications of the criteria please read the Call for Proposals  


The proposals are evaluated in writing by an evaluation committee. Proposals are only eligible for funding if they do not score higher than 3.0 for the assessment criteria 'Technological innovative aspects', 'Commercial potential' and 'Project approach & team', whereby the sum of these figures does not exceed 7.5.

On the basis of the average grade according to these criteria, the proposals are ranked. The highest-ranked applicants receive an invitation to present their Demonstrator proposal. The committee again prioritises these applications and gives a granting recommendation to the TTW Board. The TTW Board takes the ultimate granting decision.

More information

Please note that academic innovative start-ups are covered by a different scheme: Take-off


Mario van der Linden, programme officer, +3130 6001346,
Arjen Bergsma, programme officer, +3130 6001241, 
Wouter Segeth, programme officer, +3130 6001274,
Tine Karthhaus, management assistent, +3130 6001301,



Open for application


3 March 2020 14:00

Grant type



1 million euros.

Science area

Applied and Engineering Sciences Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek




Curiosity driven research and talent (2015-2018)


Dr. ir. M. Mario van der Linden (Programme officer) Dr. ir. M. Mario van der Linden (Programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001346