Take-off hbo phase 1 2019-7 autumn round

With the call for proposals Take-off HBO Phase 1 the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA (hereafter SIA) provides universities with the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship among students, teachers, researchers and lecturers. Take-off HBO Phase 1 is a pilot and has two rounds. The program is open for applications from all research areas of applied research at universities of applied research.


Universities of applied research (Hogescholen) carry out applied research, made possible by research funding from SIA. Valuable research, however, is likely to remain unused because knowledge and innovation do not easily find their way to the market.

For starting innovative new businesses funding is needed to bridge the gap between research and the market. These so-called early stage financing is a bottleneck: private investors and banks find it too risky to invest in this idea and planning phase. The program Take-off HBO bridges the funding gap in the early stages of a company.

The program Take-off HBO focuses on facilitating and stimulating innovative activity that comes from knowledge development by researchers affiliated with universities of applied research.

Who can apply

The applicant must be a government-funded university of applied sciences, as defined in Article 1.8 of the Law on Higher Education and Research Act (WHW).

The application contains a statement by the Executive Board (EB) or a faculty director of the coordinating university where, if the project is funded, they accept the award of the grant funds and the appointment of the main applicant as project leader of the awarded project.

The project manager is responsible for the project implementation and project management, including the content, progress, results and financial (final) justification of the project. The project manager will receive all correspondence relating to the project and is responsible for the dissemination of relevant information among the members of the project.

What to apply for

The grant size is a minimum of euro 20 000, - and maximum of euro 25 000, -.

The subsidies are solely intended for carrying out the project which is part of the subsidized project application.

Subsidization of (sub)project activities already funded from other sources is not possible.

When to apply

  • Deadline for submission of the full proposals was Tuesday 1st of October, 14.00h, Dutch time.



All proposals will be evaluated by an evaluation committee on the basis of four evaluation criteria:

1. Knowledgebase and innovation
    - Building on results of applied research of the university of applied research
    - Innovative elements
    - State-of-the-art knowledge
2. Commercial potential
    - Applications and added value
    - Market and commercial perspectives
3. Qualities of the team
    - Expertise of applicant(s) and support staff
    - Entrepreneurial and commercial skills
4. Quality of the project plan
    - Activities envisaged
    - Manner in which activities are carried out
    - Project budget, broken down by activity

The weighting of the criteria is 1:1:1:1.


  • Step 1. Admissibility check and internal review
  • Step 2. Interviews and ranking by the program committee


Time schedule Call 6 (subject to change):

April 2, 2019, 14:00h Deadline for submission
Wk 3 of May 2019  Interviews
Wk 3 of June 2019    Assignment decision by the Board of SIA


Time schedule Call 7 (subject to change):

Okt 1, 2019, 14.00h Deadline for submission
Wk 3 of Nov 2019 Interviews
Wk 3 of Dec 2019 Assignment decision by the Board of SIA


More information

See website of the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA http://www.regieorgaan-sia.nl/doorwerking+praktijk+en+onderwijs/Take-off+hbo




Temporarily closed for application


1 October 2019 14:00

Grant type



Budget Take-off hbo fase 1 2019-7 euro 450.000,-

Science area

Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek




Research (2019-2022)


Dhr. dr. Wouter Segeth (Senior programmamedewerker) Dhr. dr. Wouter Segeth (Senior programmamedewerker) +31 (030) 600 1274 w.segeth@nwo.nl