Sustainable Urbanisation in the Context of Economic Transformation and Climate Change: Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas

De call Sustainable Urbanisation in the Context of Economic Transformation and Climate Change: Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas supported by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 programme, researchers, cities and civil society can address urgent and long-term challenges by co-creating ideas and projects. The Dutch contribution to this programme is part of the knowledge initiative "Connecting Sustainable Cities" (VerDuS).


The call Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas invites interdisciplinary Sino-European consortia. This call is organized by JPI Urban Europe and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

In answer to the global urbanisation challenge, NSFC and JPI Urban Europe have agreed to a long-term cooperation under the strategic theme Sustainable Urbanisation in the Context of Economic Transformation and Climate Change. The pilot call is a joint initiative of nine European funding agencies participating in JPI Urban Europe and NSFC in China.

In the call the following the call topics will be addressed:

  1. Climate change and new urban economies;
  2. Transformation of energy systems and strengthen urban circular economies;
  3. Urban public administration and services innovation; and
  4. Urban data management

The call will invite researchers from Chinese and European universities, research institutes, research and technology organisations (including municipal research institutes), cities and city planning departments, as well as European companies.

Who can apply

Projects funded under the present call will be Sino-European collaborative actions with a minimum consortium size of two (and maximum three) Chinese partners (from different institutions and coordinated by one principal investigator (PI) who is partner in the project) and a minimum of two European partners (from different European countries).
Senior researchers may apply for NWO funding and participate in a consortium as main applicant or as co-applicant who are employed, at least for the duration of the project, at Dutch universities, NWO and KNAW institutes.

Please note that each applicant may only participate in a maximum of two proposals, and only once as main applicant. 

What to apply for

The maximum project duration is four years and the maximum funding to request is 280.000 euro. The funding rates applied to universities, NWO- and KNAW- institutes will be in accordance with the VSNU contract "Akkoord bekostiging wetenschappelijk onderzoek”. 

Eligible personnel costs for universities, NWO- and KNAW- institutes

  • Either a fulltime PhD researcher with a 4 year appointment. 
  • Or a Postdoc researcher up to four years with a maximum of 0,75 fte. 
  • For the salary costs the VSNU contract "Akkoord bekostiging wetenschappelijk onderzoek" (see: “berekening vergoeding met salarispeil 01-07-2017) applies. 

Please note: after applying the full proposal, new salary scales that come into effect at 01-07-2018. These will be used if the final proposal is granted.

Bench fee

A PhD or postdoc with a minimum appointment of 0.5 fte for one year will receive a bench fee. The bench fee is a personal reimbursement of 5000 euro.

Eligible material costs

  • Non-scientific personnel can be subcontracted by the applicants. Non-scientific personnel are staff members who support the research of the above mentioned persons with specialist non-academic tasks related to the research, such as computer programming, knowledge transfer and / or knowledge co-creation. The contribution of non-academic staff must be explicitly substantiated, both in terms of the level and of the duration. When a research institute employs their own (non-scientific) personnel, than this should be budgeted as personnel. This is valid for all applicants. Funding for administrative support tasks cannot be requested under this grant.
  • For universities, NWO- and KNAW- institutes the VSNU-contract "Akkoord bekostiging wetenschappelijk onderzoek”" should be used as a guideline for the costs for non-academic staff (see: “"berekening vergoeding met salarispeil 01-07-2017" / NWP MBO is secondary vocational level, NWP HBO is higher vocational level and NWP Academisch is university level). 
  • Other costs that are eligible under the material costs are travel costs, network and consortium costs.

Please note: all costs should be justified on the NWO financial details form. The material costs exclude infrastructure costs (accommodation, office automation, books, i.e. costs of facilities which can be regarded as part of the normal infrastructure for the discipline concerned) and overhead. As a consequence, the subsidy will not cover the costs of data processing time at computer centers or the acquisition of personal computers or laptops; costs for accommodation / housing, overhead, maintenance or depreciation.

When to apply

  • The submission deadline for registration (obligatory) was 12 April 2018, at 14:00 CET
  • The submission deadline for full proposals was 20 June 2018, at 14:00 CET

Submission must be done by means of the FFG electronic submission system eCall. The registration and full proposals may only be submitted if all partners have previously completed and submitted their partner proposals in eCall. 



The proposal will be evaluated on the criteria "Quality of the proposal", "Quality and efficiency of the implementation and the management" and "Potential impact & implementation of project results".

For more information on the criteria please see the call text.


For this call a one-stage procedure will be adopted. Eligible proposals, both for national and international conditions, will be evaluated in an open competition, in which an independent international Expert Panel will rank proposals according to the programme’s evaluation criteria. Besides the Expert Panel no external referees will be used for the evaluation of the proposals. Applicants will have no possibility for rebuttal to the committee’s evaluation.  

Meer informatie

For more information and the full call text please visit the JPI Urban Europe website on this call.



Closed for application


20 June 2018 14:00

Grant type



1.500.000 euro

Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities Applied and Engineering Sciences WOTRO Science for Global Development Medical Sciences Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek Netherlands Initiative for Education Research


JPI Urban Europe


International collaboration (2015-2018)


Europese onderzoeksfinanciers: Austria (FFG), Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS), France (ANR), Latvia (IZM), Norway (RCN), Poland (NCN), Sweden (SWEA), UK (ESRC) Chinese onderzoeksfinancier: NSFC


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