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Experienced researchers from universities and universities of applied sciences are invited to participate in a sandpit, where they will co-develop a research proposal addressing data on media consumers for Talpa network.


The Dutch media landscape has changed drastically in the past decennia. The current situation of an abundant supply of content and an unpredictable and hyper fragmented public is challenging for all players in the media landscape. To increase the resilience of the media sector, knowledge and understanding of the fragmented public is essential, as is the activation of data to develop new business models and content.

Although the available data can be connected by data scientists, the results are not always usable in creative or business processes. The language of data scientists generally offers little to go on for business developers, and often provides little inspiration for a creative team. On the other hand, people on the business- and creative end are not always equipped to use data in answering their questions.

This call offers the opportunity to study how media data can contribute to the creative process and the development of business models.

Ultimately, the research is aimed at increasing the accessibility of the data. This will equip users from different backgrounds to create evidence based strategies for the development of new content- and businessmodels.

Who can apply

The particpants in the sandpit can be researchers from any Dutch university or research institute affiliated with NWO or KNAW as well as researchers from universities of applied research.

The proposal can be submitted by researchers from any Dutch university or research institute affiliated with NWO or KNAW.

What to apply for


In this call the Sandpit method will be used to develop a research proposal in three iterative workshops. Participants will be selected on the basis of cv and motivation. The total available budget is €   460.000.Talpa network is the main financier of this budget, other financiers are the ministries of EZK and OCW, CLICKNL, and NWO.

Categories that can be financed are personnel costs and a materials' budget for research and valorisation.

When to apply

  • Deadline for submission of Cv's and motivations: Thursday August 23, 2018, 14:00 CET

  • Deadline for submission of full proposals: Thursday Oktober 30, 2018, 14:00 CET

Submission of a full proposal is possible only after participation in the pre-proposal round.



The final proposal will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Relevance

In the overall assessment of the proposal the criteria will be equally weighted.


Selection committee

The selection committee, that consists of members from universities and Talpa network, will select sandpit participants on the basis of their cv and motivation. The final application will also be assessed by the selection committee. The members of this committee will be announced soon.

SSH Domain Board

The Domain Board will take due note of the selection committee's advice, marginally assess the procedure followed, finalise the qualification for the project proposal and subsequently take the decision about whether to award the project funding.



Temporarily closed for application


23 August 2018 14:00

Grant type

Cooperation and Exchange


460.000 Euro (+ PPS included)

Science area

Social Sciences and Humanities


Creative Industry


Thematic research and public -private partnership (2015-2018)


TALPA Network, Ministerie EZK, Ministerie OCW, CLICKNL


Drs. Janneke van Kersen Drs. Janneke van Kersen +31 (0)70 3494572 j.vankersen@nwo.nl