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Experienced researchers who hold a PhD can submit a proposal for research in the area of digitalisation and society until 4 June 2019.


Digitalisation is both a societal and scientific challenge. On the one hand, the quantity and quality of the available data means an unparalleled complexity that requires the development of new methods and techniques with which data can be questioned, analysed, managed and explained.

On the other hand, we need to ensure that everybody in society is and continues to remain involved in the digitalisation and we need to be aware of the cultural and societal context, precisely because digitalisation knows no boundaries. Developing new knowledge in the areas of ICT and data interpretation will require (cultural) contextualisation and visualisation, and cross-disciplinary collaboration between researchers from different domains for societal impact to be realised.

This call therefore focuses on research that makes a contribution to the Digital Society Research Agenda.

Who can apply

Funding can be requested by experienced researchers who hold a PhD and who are appointed at a university located in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or a research institute recognised by NWO. Co-applicants are also researchers who hold a PhD and who are appointed at a university in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or a research institution recognised by NWO.

Collaboration between at least two researchers and at least one private party is a condition for funding. The compulsory cash matching contribution from the private partner can be jointly provided by several private parties. Public parties can also make a contribution.

What to apply for

The amount of funding applied for is at least 250,000 euros and at most 500,000 euros. Funding can be requested to cover the following types of costs:

  • Personnel costs
  • Material costs
  • Valorisation / Impact
  • Internationalisation 

When to apply

  • Full proposals are to be received by NWO was 4 June 2019 at 14.00 hours CEST.



The selection committee will assess full proposals based on the following assessment criteria:

  1. Scientific quality of the research proposal (weighting 35%)
  2. Quality of the consortium (weighting 35%)
  3. Relevance and knowledge utilisation (weighting 30%) 


Proposals will be assessed by a selection committee made up of members from academic research and societal and/or private organisations.

Based on the advice of the selection committee, the NWO Social Sciences and Humanities Domain Board will decide in November 2019 which proposals will be awarded funding.

More information

VSNU Digital Society Research Agenda




Closed for application


4 June 2019 14:00

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NWO is making 3 million euros available for this call for proposals.

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