TOP-grants for curiosity-driven research in astronomy, computer science and mathematics

The TOP-Grants for curiosity-driven research for astronomy, computer science and mathematics are divided into two modules. Module 1 is a grant for senior researchers with a proven track record of significant research results in the last ten years. Module 2 is a grant for junior researchers at the beginning of their scientific career.

The 2017 round for the TOP Grants is closed. As of 21 July 2017 it is no longer possible to submit proposals in either the TOP Module 1 or the TOP Module 2. Applications received before 21 July 2017 will be assessed; applications received after 20 July will not be taken into consideration.

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This competition is set up for proposals for innovative or high-risk scientific research that addresses questions of high quality and urgency. Applications should have evident importance for astronomy, computer science and/or mathematics. 

When to apply

In 2017 applications for TOP grants can be submitted at any time until 24 August 2017. When the funds available have been exhausted before this date, this application round will be closed.

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5 million euro


Curiosity driven research and talent (2015-2018)

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