Investment Grant NWO Medium

The aim of the programme Investment Grant NWO Medium is to stimulate investments in innovative scientific equipment or data collections of national or international importance.


Investment Grant NWO Medium is meant for the purchase of equipment and for the setting up, linking and enriching of data collections. The NWO Division for Social Sciences will only accept applications for the funding of the purchase of equipment.

Who can apply

The Investment Grant NWO Medium is available to researchers who have completed their PhD, from the following institutions:

  • Dutch universities;
  • NWO institutes;
  • Scientific libraries;
  • The Netherlands Cancer Institute;
  • Max Planck Institute for psycholinguistics (Nijmegen);
  • The Dubble Bundle Line at the ESRF (Grenoble);
  • NCB Naturalis;
  • Advanced Research Centre for NanoLithography (ARCNL).

Due to the agreements between NWO and KNAW, the KNAW institutes may not submit proposals for Investment Grant NWO Medium.

What to apply for

In this round, applications can be submitted to Social Sciences and ZonMw (Health Research and Development). There is an upper limit of 500,000 euros (NWO-funded part). The lower limit is 110,000 euros (NWO-funded part). The obligatory co-funding is at least 25% of the costs of the total investment (i.e. at least 33% of the requested NWO subsidy).

When to apply

The closing date for full proposals was Tuesday 5 September 2017 at 14.00 hrs. (CEST). The Social Sciences division also requires an Expression of Intent, to be submitted Tuesday 27 June 2017, 14.00 hrs. (CEST) at the latest.



  • Scientific quality
  • National interest
  • Financial/technical aspects
  • Knowledge utilisation


The NWO divisions follow a procedure in which they first consult external referees and then give applicants the right to write a rebuttal. Next a selection committee draws up a prioritisation proposal to support the decision-making process of the Divisional Board. The Divisional Board takes the final granting decision.

More information

Your are requested to consult the website of the participating divisions at the bottom of this page for more information about their conditions and procedure.


Choose a funding instrument

> Investment Grant NWO Medium 2017/2018 (ZonMw)



Grant type



Temporarily closed for application


5 September 2017 14:00


ZonMw: 2,500,000 Euro, SGW: 500,000 Euro


Large research facilities (2015-2018)

Science area

Social Sciences and Humanities ZonMw


Dhr. drs. J.K. Wiegel Dhr. drs. J.K. Wiegel +31 (0)70 3440644