Investment Grant NWO-Large 2019/2020

Universities and research institutes can make large investments in innovative equipment and data collections with the NWO Large Investment Grant. Investments are financed that are higher than 1.5 million euros (1 million euros for the social sciences and humanities).


The aim of the programme Investment Grant NWO Large is to stimulate investments in very advanced scientific equipment or innovative scientific data collections of national or international scope.

NWO finds it is important that new investments - where applicable - fit in well with the facilities or clusters on the current National Roadmap Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure.

Who can apply

Only Dutch universities and research institutes approved by NWO can submit an application. The following universities and research institutes may submit proposals:

  • Universities established in the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
  • University medical centres;
  • NWO and KNAW institutes;
  • the Royal Library;
  • the Netherlands Cancer Institute;
  • the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen;
  • the DUBBLE Beamline at the ESRF in Grenoble;
  • NCB Naturalis;
  • Advanced Research Centre for NanoLithography (ARCNL);
  • Netherlands eScience Center;
  • the Princess Máxima Centre for pediatric oncology.

What to apply for

The amount of the grant to be applied for within this Call is at least €  1,000,000 for investments in the social sciences and humanities and at least €  1,500,000 for all other sciences.

The involved institution (or institutions) provides a contribution of at least 25% of the total investment.You can apply for the purchase of equipment or for setting up, linking and enriching data collections.

You can submit an application for:

  • costs for investing in scientific equipment;
  • costs for investments in data sets;
  • personnel costs for setting up databases and initial digitization of the bibliographic apparatus, if these cannot be purchased;
  • personnel costs for employees with specific and essential technical expertise necessary for the development or construction of a facility if it cannot be purchased.

When to apply


  • The deadline for submitting the mandatory letters of intent is Tuesday 3 December 2019, before 2:00 PM CET.
  • The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday 13 February 2020, before 2:00 PM CET.



The applications are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Scientific and / or social impact
  • Technical, financial and organizational aspects


In the first phase, the main applicant submits a Letter of Intent, which is published on the NWO website. In the second phase, the application is submitted and presented to an assessment committee. This committee makes use of the applications, cover letters, referees' reports, (if applicable) advice by the Permanent Committee for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure, and a rebuttal from the applicant. The most promising applications are visited by a delegation from the committee. After the site-visits the committee prepares a prioritization advice for the NWO Executive Board. The Executive Board decides on the granting and rejection of applications.



Open for application


3 December 2019 14:00

Grant type



20,000,000 euros

Science area

NWO-wide Social Sciences and Humanities Applied and Engineering Sciences Exact and Natural Sciences


Investment Grant NWO Large


Infrastructure (2019-2022)


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