NWO Talent Programme Veni - Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

NWO Talent Programme Veni is a grant for researchers who have recently obtained their PhD.

NWO’s policy towards funding and the impact of the coronavirus

NWO is adjusting the planning of its funding rounds because of the disruptive consequences of the corona virus. The aim of these adjustments is to create space for those who currently do not have sufficient opportunities to provide input as applicants or do not have sufficient time to make a balanced assessment of applications as external reviewers or committee members.

The consequences for the planning of the Veni round 2020 are as follows:

In the course of April and May, with possible extension into June, the remaining rebuttal requests will be sent to the candidates. For these rebuttals, the response time is doubled from five to ten working days.

The interview selection will be moved from May 2020 to June 2020. Shortly after this selection, the candidates will be informed about whether they will be invited for an interview. The Veni interviews will be held in September 2020. The decision on the Veni round 2020 will then be taken in October 2020.=

To ensure that candidates have sufficient time to prepare for the next Veni round (2021), the deadline for submitting pre-proposals in the domains SSH, AES and ZonMw will be moved from September 2020 to January 2021.

Overview revised planning Veni:

Veni 2020


(Domains AES, SSH, and ZonMw)

3 September 2019 by 14:00 CEST

Deadline for submission of Veni pre-proposals via the Isaac system/MijnZonMw

October 2019

Notification of decisions for the pre-proposal phase


Full proposals

(all domains)

9 January 2020 by 14:00u CET (AES, ENW, SSH)

11 February 2020 by 14:00 CET (ZonMw)

Deadline for submission of Veni full proposals via the Isaac system/MijnZonMw

April, May 2020 and possible extension into June 2020

Consulting of referees and candidates’ rebuttals

June 2020

Interview selection and notification of interview selection result

September 2020


October 2020

Decisions by NWO domain boards

From October 2020

NWO notifies applicants of decisions.


Veni 2021


(Domains AES, SSH, and ZonMw)

January 2021

Deadline for submission of Veni pre-proposals via the Isaac system/MijnZonMw

More information see: nwo.nl/corona-en or https://www.nwo.nl/actueel/nieuws/2020/04/nwo-past-planning-talentprogrammas-aan-wegens-coronacrisis.html (In Dutch).

Mandatory pre-proposal phase

The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) uses a pre-proposal phase in the current Veni funding round (call 2020). The aim of introducing the pre-proposal in the Veni funding round is to limit the application pressure by ensuring that not all applicants need to write a full proposal. Via the assessment of the pre-proposals, NWO selects the Veni target group: the Veni funding is intended for researchers who belong to the best ten to twenty percent of their population, irrespective of their nationality and subject of research.

All candidates in the upcoming Veni round within SSH have submitted a pre-proposal no later than September 3, 2019. If you have submitted a pre-proposal to SSH and your proposal has been rejected, then you may not submit a second application in the same Veni funding round, even if the second application is submitted to another domain.

At the bottom of this page you will find the Call for proposals, the embedding guarantee form, the standard form guarantee to meet excess costs, and the full proposal application form, that has embedded information on rules and guidelines. 

Note: on Apple computers the rules and guidelines can be made visible by selecting “Outline” under the “View” tab in Word. Also, the rules and guidelines are automatically visible when you open the form in Google docs.

Cancellation cross-domain committee

In the NWO Talent Programme, there will no longer be a separate committee for cross-domain proposals. In future Veni rounds, starting in the upcoming round 2020, NWO will assess all proposals, including the cross-domain proposals, within the domains Science, SSH and TTW. That also applies to proposals within ZonMw. 


Veni is part of the NWO Talent Programme. It allows researchers who have recently obtained their PhD to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years.

Who can apply

NWO Talent Programme Veni is targeted at outstanding researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. They are at the start of their scientific career and display a striking talent for scientific research. Veni applicants must have obtained their doctorate within the last three years. The 2020 Veni round is open to researchers who meet this criterion on 1 January 2020.

There may be a possibility of an extension in some cases. Further information is available in the document Frequently Asked Questions. Please consult the list of courses eligible for extension.

A researcher may apply for a Veni grant on a maximum of two occasions.

Researchers from outside the Netherlands may apply.

What to apply for

The maximum amount is 250,000 euros.

When to apply

A funding round is held every year.

  • The deadline for submitting the compulsory pre-proposal within the SSH domain was 3 September 2019.
  • The deadline for submitting a full proposal in the round 2019 for all domains is 9 January 2020.

Only candidates that have received a positive decision on their pre-proposal may submit a full proposal via their ISAAC account. In the window “Applications” you select the pre-proposal you have submitted in this round and convert it to an application. Afterwards you can complete and submit your application.

Applications received after the deadline are automatically disqualified.


All pre-proposals and full proposals are assessed in a nationwide competition.


The assessment criteria for the full proposals are:

  • quality of the researcher (40%)
  • quality, innovative character and academic impact of the research proposal (40%), and 
  • knowledge utilisation (20%)


The assessment of the Veni 2020 pre-proposals and full applications within SSH takes place in eight panels. The allocation of a proposal to a panel has been determined by the applicants. 

The panels assess the applications in all phases: the pre-proposal phase, interview selection, and interview. In the pre-proposal phase NWO has not (yet) asked external expert reviewers to assess your application, in the interview selection the panels will assess the applications, expert reviewers reports and rebuttals and select the most promising applications for an interview. Interviews will take place within the eight panels; candidates will therefore be interviewed and assessed by committee members from their own discipline and neighbouring disciplines in the SSH Domain. 

For more information about the procedure within the SSH Domain please contact Kasper Gossink-Melenhorst, phone: +31 70 3440557, or Arnold Lubbers , +31 70 3494525.


Grant type



Temporarily closed for application


9 January 2020 14:00


250,000 euros per grant


Research (2019-2022)

Science area

Social Sciences and Humanities


Ministry of Education, Culture and Science


Kasper Gossink Kasper Gossink +31 (0)70 3440557 sgw-veni@nwo.nl


Dr. Arnold Lubbers Dr. Arnold Lubbers +31 (0)70 3494525 sgw-veni@nwo.nl