Incentive Fund Open Access - conference session

The aim of this fund is to increase awareness of Open Access and to encourage the Open Access publication of research results. Until 1 January 2018 researchers have the opportunity to submit requests for this fund.

Who can apply

Researchers at the following knowledge institutions can apply:

  • Dutch universities;
  • NWO and KNAW institutes;
  • The Netherlands Cancer Institute;
  • the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, and
  • researchers on the Dutch Belgian Beamline at ESRF in Grenoble.

The applicant must be employed by one of the institutions listed above and must be a member of the organising committee of the conference at which the Open Access session is to be held.

What can be applied for

For each conference that meets the specific conditions of grant, NWO will award a maximum sum of € 2500. The conference organising committee can decide how to use the money in relation to the Open Access session: whether to meet a speaker’s travel expenses, to pay for a debate moderator or facilities, or in some other way.

When can be applied

Applications for grants under this programme can be submitted at any time, until 1 January 2018.



Grants will invariably be awarded provided that applications comply with the conditions specified below and that the available budget has not been exhausted:

  • Grants can be requested for academic conferences involving a minimum of one hundred participants. The location of the conference is irrelevant.
  • The Open Access session must last at least one hour and must feature on the final conference programme.
  • Applications will not be accepted for consideration if they are retrospective or if funding for the Open Access session is available from another source. Grants cannot be awarded if the available budget is exhausted.


Grants will invariably be awarded provided that applications comply with the conditions specified and that the available budget has not been exhausted.


The fund will be available until 1 January 2018. Prior financial commitments made to the fund remain valid.

NWO in transition: changes funding instruments

On 1 January 2017, NWO will adopt a new organisation structure. Current funding instruments will remain unchanged until a decision about any change is taken. NWO will announce this change at least six months in advance. 2017 will be a transition year and the new funding instruments will become effective no later than 1 January 2018.


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