Cooperation Japan (JSPS) - Joint seminars

NWO has a cooperation agreement with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). The programme Cooperation Japan (JSPS) is for Dutch researchers who want to cooperate with colleagues in Japan. It offers the possibility of a joint seminar in the Netherlands or Japan.


The aim of Cooperation Japan (JSPS) is to promote contacts between Dutch and Japanese researchers.

Who can apply

Dutch researchers who hold a PhD degree and a tenured position at one of the following knowledge institutions can submit an application: Dutch universities, KNAW institutes, NWO institutes, NKI, MPI Nijmegen, researchers from the Dubble beamline at the ESRF in Grenoble, NCB Naturalis, and the Advanced Research Centre for NanoLithography (ARCNL).

What to apply for

A contribution in the costs of a Bilateral Joint Seminar in Japan or the Netherlands.

When to apply

  • 4 September 2019 JSPS/NWO’s deadline for submission of proposals
  • Early October 2019 Exchange of list of applications NWO and JSPS
  • January 2020 Joint selection decision
  • 1 April 2020–31 March 2021: Seminars FY2020 take place in this period.



The applications for seminars will be assessed against the following criteria:

1 quality of the research team

2.1 scientific quality, originality and relevance of the proposed seminar with work plan

2.2 feasibility and tangibility, progress in the future; urgency

2.3 need for cooperation, added value and mutual research progress due to the transfer of knowledge and expertise

2.4 participation of young researchers and contribution to their supervision.

3 knowledge utilisation, including:

3.1 impact of results on improving the quality of life, contributing to economic development and/or solving current social problems

Herewith the following points will be considered:

  • suitability of budget
  • suitability of seminar location
  • contribution to interaction of researchers in the research progress (at least 50% of the grant must be used for international/local travel costs)


The applications will be assessed by the NWO-wide Grants Committee.