Cooperation China (NSFC) - Travel and subsistence costs

Cooperation China (NSFC) – Travel and subsistence costs is for Dutch researchers who want to cooperate with colleagues in China. It offers the opportunity of a short stay in China, for all scientific disciplines except for the social and behavioural sciences and humanities.


The aim of Cooperation China Travel and subsistence costs is to promote the contacts between Dutch and Chinese researchers in the area of the natural sciences. The funding arises from a joint agreement between NWO and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in Beijing.

Who can apply

A researcher in the natural sciences with a tenured position at one of the following knowledge institutions can submit an application: Dutch universities, KNAW institutes, NWO institutes, NKI, MPI Nijmegen, researchers from the Dubble Beamline at the ESRF in Grenoble, NCB Naturalis, and the Advanced Research Centre for NanoLithography (ARCNL). Conversely a Chinese researcher can submit an application to NSFC.

A condition from the NSFC is that a work visit takes place in the context of a research programme that the NSFC funds. You must have made contact with the researchers of the host organisation beforehand and have been demonstrably invited by the host organisation to carry out joint research.

What can be applied for

For a stay in China of one to three months, international travel costs and local travel and subsistence costs can be applied for. For a grant for a stay in China, NWO remunerates the international travel costs up to a maximum of 930 euros and NSFC remunerates the local travel and subsistence costs.

At NSFC a Chinese head applicant of an ongoing NSFC project (of at least 3 years) can apply for a stay of 1 to 3 months in the Netherlands which duration must be covered by the duration of the ongoing NSFC project.For a grant for a stay in the Netherlands, NWO remunerates local travel costs up to an amount of 125 euros per month and subsistence costs up to a maximum of 1750 euros per month for a senior researcher and 2000 euros per month for a professor. NSFC pays for the international travel costs.

When can be applied

You may submit at any time. There are no deadlines. The processing time of an application is at most six months.

Applications can be submitted until the reserved budget for the programmes Visitor’s Travel Grant, Cooperation Germany - Von Humboldt Stiftung, Cooperation Japan, Cooperation Taiwan and Cooperation China travel and subsistence costs, seminars has been exhausted.



Applications are assessed on the basis of:

For a stay in China:

  • Quality of the research teams
  • Scientific quality, originality and relevance of the proposed cooperation with work plan
  • Knowledge utilisation


The applications are assessed by the NWO-wide grants committee.