SDG Interactions and policy interventions in developing countries

Dutch Research Agenda- Theme: Knowledge brokering and synthesis

This call for proposals invites consortia to propose high-quality and relevant knowledge brokering and synthesis expertise, services, activities and products to proactively support the programme objectives and the research consortia funded in the SDG Interactions programme.


The purpose of this collaboration between the knowledge brokering and synthesis (KBS) team and the consortia is to facilitate productive interactions and learning, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the SDG Interactions programme as a whole and to enhance the relevance, impact and sustainability of its results.

Who can apply

NWO invites applications from consortia with relevant experience in the field of knowledge brokering and synthesis, including networking, knowledge translation and policy influence. All consortium members have to be involved in the development and in the execution of the KBS project. Consortia, consisting of organisations from various disciplines and backgrounds from across the globe, may apply for funding under this call. The minimum requirements for an eligible consortium are that one main applicant holds a senior position at a research organisation in the Netherlands, and that one applicant and/or cooperation partner holds a senior position at a research position located in a developing country.

What to apply for

A total budget of 300,000 euros is available to grant one project in this call for proposals. The granted project has a maximum duration of 5 years and will have to run in parallel to the three thematic projects funded under the SDG Interactions programme. The KBS project has to budget mainly for personnel costs and material costs, such as eventual sub-contracting (work by third parties), goods/services and travel and accommodation costs.

When to apply

  • The deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 September 2020 14:00.00 hrs CE(S)T.



Proposals will be assessed on the basis of the following two criteria:

  1. Quality of the proposal
  2. Quality of the consortium

The criteria are weighted equally. The assessment criteria are operationalised on a number of sub-aspects.


If eligible, proposals will be reviewed by an International Advisory Committee (IAC) on the basis of the selection criteria. The IAC will provide preliminary assessments for each proposal. Each consortium will subsequently be offered an opportunity in writing (rebuttal). The IAC will discuss all proposals and rebuttal letters, will assess the overall quality of each proposal and will rank the proposals. Based on the ranking, the IAC will present an advice on funding to the executive board of NWO. The executive board of NWO will verify that the procedure has been conducted properly before taking a decision on granting.




Open for application


15 September 2020 14:00

Grant type



300,000 Euro

Science area

National Science Agenda WOTRO Science for Global Development


SDG Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries


Knowledge sharing (2019-2022)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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