Dutch National Research Agenda - Research along routes by Consortia 2019 (NWA-ORC 2019)

Interdisciplinary and knowledge chain-wide consortia are invited to submit research proposals.

The 25 routes from the portfolio for Research and Innovation are the starting point.


The aim of the NWA-ORC 2019 call for proposals is to fund research and innovation focused on the NWA routes, designed and implemented by interdisciplinary consortia spanning the entire knowledge chain, in which relevant social partners are also represented.

Who can apply

Applications must be submitted by a consortium. We differentiate four categories of participants in the consortium:

  1.  Main applicant;
  2.  Co-applicant(s);
  3.  Co-financier(s)
  4.  Cooperating partner(s)

The main applicant submits the application on behalf of the consortium. More information about the four categories of participants as well as specific requirements regarding who can apply, can be found in paragraph 3.1 of the call for proposals. 

What to apply for

In this round, applications can be submitted in the following budget ranges: 

  • 0.5 –  2 M€;
  • 2 – 5 M€;
  • 5 – 10 M€.

The budget range is determined by the funding requested from NWO.

The budget is built up using the NWO-wide standardised building blocks, the so-called modules. Six modules are available in this call:

  1. Personnel costs;
  2. Material costs;
  3. Investments;
  4. Knowledge utilisation and entrepreneurship;
  5. Internationalisation and Money follows Collaboration;
  6. Programme management.

Extensive information about the modules can be found in paragraph 3.2 of the call for proposals. 

The participating co-financiers should jointly contribute at least 10% of the total project budget in the form of co-funding.

The conditions regarding co-financing can be found in paragraph 3.5 of the call for proposals. 

When to apply

The deadline for submitting an inititiative was May 9th 2019.

The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is June 6th 2019, at 14:00 CE(S)T.
A pre-proposal may only be submitted if an initiative has previously been submitted.

The deadline for submitting full proposals is January 16th 2020, at 14:00 CE(S)T. A full proposal may only be submitted if a  concise proposal has previously been submitted.



Pre-proposals will be assessed  against the following two criteria:

  1. Fit within the NWA-ORC programme;
  2. Scientific importance of the proposed project.

Full applications will be assessed against the following three criteria: 

  1. Quality of the research proposal;
  2. Quality of the consortium;
  3. Potential scientific and/or societal breakthroughs.

More information about the operationalisation and subsidiary aspects of the criteria can be found in paragraph 4.2 of the call for proposals. 


The application procedure has three phases, however the first phase of the application procedure (submission of initiatives) is not subject to assessment 

The assessment procedure has two phases: pre-proposals and full proposals.

Pre-proposals will be assessed per budget range by the selection committee(s) without consulting external referees. Applicants are given the opportunity to submit a reaction to the motivation of the selection committee. These reactions will be taken into account by the selection committee in their final assessment of the concise proposal. The applicants of the highest ranked concise proposals in each budget range receive an invitation to submit a full proposal. 

The full proposals will be submitted for assessment to referees. Applicants will subsequently be given the opportunity to respond in writing to the anonymised referees' reports (rebuttal). The full proposals with the referees' comments and the rebuttals will subsequently be submitted for assessment to the selection committee. The selection committee will rank the proposals per budget range. Based on this initial ranking, the applicants of the highest ranked proposals in each budget range are invited for an interview with the selection committee.  The selection committee reranks the proposals based on the proposal, the referee comments, the rebuttal and the interview, coming to a final ranking for each budget range. The final ranking will be submitted to the programme committee.  The programme committee will marginally test the procedure and, based on the proposal of the selection committee, it will produce the final assessment of the proposals. The NWO executive board will take the final granting decision. 

More information about the timetable and procedure can be found in paragraph 4.1 of the call for proposals.

More information

Beware: The Isaac submission system for this round will be opened for submission after the deadline for submissions of initiatives on May 9th 2019.

The NWA-ORC call is part of the NWA-programme that NWO realises on behalf of the Ministry of OCW.


Joep van Wijk Joep van Wijk +31 (0)70 3494459 nwa-orc2019@nwo.nl


Annette Koopman Annette Koopman +31 (0)70 3494223 nwa-orc2019@nwo.nl