Postdocs in education sciences

Promising researchers who have recently received their PhD can apply for funding for a one to two-year stay at a Dutch research institute.


The round 'Postdocs in education sciences' targets promising researchers who have recently received their PhD, are at the beginning of their scientific career and who, on the basis of their scientific qualities, have the potential to become important figures in education sciences.

The researchers are offered the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and experience during a stay of maximally two years at a Dutch university or a research institute of KNAW or NWO, other than the institute from which they received their PhD.

Who can apply

The grant can be applied for by any postgraduate who is currently engaged in PhD research, or who has been awarded a PhD within 12 months preceding the relevant deadline for the submission of applications.

Additional terms and conditions can be found in the call for proposal.

What to apply

Candidates can apply for a stay of at least 12 months and no longer than 24 months at a Dutch research institute on the basis of a fulltime employment, either at a university or at an NWO or KNAW institute. The research has to be conducted in a continuous period and at one host institute.

For each project a budget of 160,000 euro is available.

Additional terms and conditions can be found in the Call for Proposal. 

When to apply for

The timely submission of a letter of intent is a prerequisite for submitting an application.

  • The closing date for submitting letters of intent was Tuesday 26 February 2019, 14:00 CEST.
  • The closing date for submitting applications was Tuesday 19 March 2019, 14:00 CEST.



All applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria: quality of the applicant, quality of the proposal, quality of the host institute and knowledge utilisation. These criteria will weigh 40%, 30%, 20% and 10%, respectively, in the final assessment.

The assessment criteria are explained in more detail in the call for proposals.


Applications are assessed by a science-wide assessment committee. The committee prepares an opinion on the proposals to be honoured. This is presented to the programme council. The programme council takes the final decision on the submitted applications.

Before the application is sent to the complete assessment committee, the application is submitted for comments to a few members of the assessment committee (the preliminary assessors). On the basis of the assessment criteria the preliminary assessors provide substantive and substantiated written comments on the proposal. The applicant receives the anonymised comments on his or her application and is given a week’s time to formulate a rebuttal.

Further details on the procedure can be found in the call for proposals.



Closed for application


19 March 2019 14:00

Grant type



480,000 euros

Science area

Netherlands Initiative for Education Research


Curiosity driven research and talent (2015-2018)


Luisa Solms, Msc Luisa Solms, Msc +31 (0)70 3494150