URSES+: application in the urban context

The URSES+ Call offers ongoing research projects within the research programma URSES (Uncertainty Reduction in Smart Energy Systems) the opportunity to submit an application for funding to further develop their current URSES research of smart and sustainable energy systems in terms of practical applications.


Much of our energy consumption takes place in the major cities and metropolitan areas of the world, and this has a significant impact on the quality of life. Focusing on smarter and more sustainable energy systems at the urban scale is therefore essential to ensure more efficient use of increasingly scarce raw materials and energy sources. This purpose of this funding instrument is to finance additional research aimed at designing, developing and testing the solutions researched in the URSES projects, as well as determining how these solutions can be made suitable for the future energy systems of large cities and metropolises and what the preconditions are for successful application. The additional research should contribute to the application, integration and valorisation of the knowledge and solutions acquired in the URSES programme within this metropolitan context.

Who can apply

Project leaders with an ongoing project in the URSES programme can apply. They will be personally invited to submit a proposal.

The URSES+: application in the urban context Call for Proposals is interdisciplinary, and is aimed at collaboration with partners in the business sector, public sector and civil society organisations. The existing consortia, possibly expanded with new partners or continuing without partners who have left, are invited to submit an application. Any new partners should be included in the existing consortium agreements. It is also possible for existing consortia to jointly submit an application.

What to apply for

The available budget for this Call is a maximum of 1,7 million. The Call for Proposals indicates which amount may be requested per project. Funding may be applied for to cover both the eligible staffing and material costs to be incurred for the relevant research. The maximum duration of the projects is two years. A shorter duration of projects or appointments is also permitted. For more information about What to apply for see paragraph 3.2 of the Call for Proposals.

When to apply

The closing date for submitting applications was 14:00 CET on 28 April 2016.



The applications are assessed against the following three criteria, which are weighted equally:

Quality and innovation

  • Research questions and objectives
  • Approach and methods

Implementation and approach

  • Utilisation
  • Added value of knowledge valorisation
  • Effectiveness and feasibility of the approach

Relevance for the Amsterdam Metropolitan area


Applications that have been declared admissible by the bureau will be assessed by the assessment committee on all aforementioned criteria. The applicant may submit a written response to the preliminary assessment. The assessment committee rates each application as Excellent, Very Good, Average or Poor. Finally, the assessment committee compiles a ranking of the submitted research projects. The programme committee of URSES issues a final recommendations on the projects that can be granted based on the assessment committee’s assessment and ranking. Only applications rated Excellent or Very Good qualify for a grant. The formal allocation decision is made by the NWO Social Sciences Board



Temporarily closed for application


28 April 2016 14:00

Grant type



1.7 million euro

Science area

Social Sciences and Humanities Science Applied and Engineering Sciences


Collaboration in themes (2011-2014) Theme: Sustainable Energy (2011-2014)


Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), TKI S2SG, Shell


Mw. W. Kingma MA Mw. W. Kingma MA +31 (0)70 344 05 83 w.kingma@nwo.nl