Responsible Innovation

Consortia of researchers and private partners can submit applications for proactive research into ethical and societal aspects of new innovations.


Multidisciplinary research teams develop innovation trajectories in close cooperation with stakeholders. Ethical and societal aspects play an important role in these trajectories right from the very start. The central role of societal relevance in innovation enables the realisation of innovations and potential products and services that re late to the grand societal challenges, both now and in the long er term. Furthermore, MVI projects can prevent the occurrence of problems at a later stage and the need for complex adaptations. Ethical and societal requirements for new services and products can also be drivers of innovation instead of impediments to it. 

Who can apply

Applications for research projects can be submitted by consortia of researchers and private partners. The research teams are always multidisciplinary. The main applicant is an experienced senior researcher with a doctorate degree and a position at a NWO-accredited research institution. The consortia have to include at least one private partner which must fund part of the project (matching). The matching funds can be provided by more than one private partner. Part of the required matching may be contributed by public and semipublic sector parties,

What to apply for

Budget can be requested for two types of projects:

  • Large projects: € 250,000.-
  • Small projects: € 125,000.-

Funds that may be requested:

  • Postdoc positions
  • Replacement grants
  • Direct material costs in connection with the research and valorisation activities

When to apply

  • The closing date for submitting full research proposals is: 7 September 2017, 14.00 hours (CEST, Central European Summer Time).



The applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • General scientific/scholarly quality
  • Scientific/scholarly quality of the Responsible Innovation criteria
  • Societal relevance and knowledge utilisation 


Applications will be assessed by an Advisory Board that is made up of academic and societal members. On the basis of its advise, the NWO Social Sciences and Humanities Board (coordinating division) will make a final decision on the applications to be awarded grants in December 2017.

Extra information

  • This call is the republication of the call 2016 1st round. It is only possible to submit top sector specific proposals within the themes Building Blocks of Life (BBoL), Creative Industry, Energy, Logistics.



Open for application


7 September 2017 14:00

Grant type



2.600.000,- euro

Science area

Humanities Social Sciences ZonMw Technical Sciences WOTRO Science for Global Development Earth and Life Sciences NWO-wide Chemical Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities


Responsible innovation


Thematic research and public -private partnership (2015-2018)


The top sectors: Agri&Food, Chemistry, Creative Industry, TKI Gas, Energie HTSM, LSH, Logistics, Horticulture and Starting Materials, Water.


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