NWO creatieve industrie: Research Through Design

Researchers from general and technical universities are the principal applicants in this call. Complementary to a project proposal from an academic institution, but as integral part of the project, a researcher from a university of applied science (UAS) can take part in a proposal. Proposals must target architecture, industrial design or fashion. Design must be central to the research method.


The Research Through Design Programme focuses on scientific and technical research, specifically using design as a research method, in the areas of Architecture, Industrial Design and Fashion. The call aims at high-quality design as a research method and a broad translation of the knowledge developed in the projects into practice, also enlarging the body of knowledge and skill of the design disciplines.

Who can apply

Proposals will be sought primarily from technical and general universities. Collaboration with Universities for Applied Sciences (UAS) is stimulated in this call. Complementary practice-oriented work led by a UAS professor or senior researcher can be an integral part of a proposal; collaboration is expected from the start of the research.

What to apply for

The maximum contribution per project is € 250,000. The maximum Taskforce SIA additional funding of the UAS complement is € 100,000 per project. In principle, a financial contribution from third parties is not required for the university part of a project. Co-funding can consist of in-kind contributions. Active involvement of users is preferred. In-kind contributions of companies/organisations can be added to the individual project budgets. In case of a request for a PDEng position, a € 50.000 financial contribution is required from the company involved. In case of a PhD researcher position in a 2-year project, only 2 years can be charged to the project and a guarantee for the remaining two years is required. In case of an UAS-complement to a project, the funding cannot exceed 75% of the total costs of the UAS-complement, i.e. the UAS institution and its partners will contribute at least 25% of the total costs of the UAS-complement as co-funding to the project. This contribution can be in-kind.” 

When to apply

Deadline for submission of applications is Tuesday 21 April 2015, 11.59 hours.



Research proposals will be examined with respect to scientific quality, from the perspective of utilisation and for fit into the programme. These three criteria, scientific quality - fit into the programme and utilisation perspective - are given equal weight in the decision-making process.


  • 22 October 2014 Publication call for proposals
  • 21 April 2015, 11.59 hours Deadline for the submission of proposals via https://iris.stw.nl/iris
  • 4 May 2015 Results of the check for form requirements and submission criteria 

More information

Website: www.researchthroughdesign.nl 


Lotje Wansbeek
Phone: 030 600 12 91/ 06 4533 6933
E-mail: l.wansbeek@stw.nl

Taskforce for Applied Research NRPO-SIA 
Ir. R.H. (Rolf) Bossert 
Phone: 030 6001378 
E-mail: rolf.bossert@regieorgaan-sia.nl 





Closed for application


21 April 2015 11:59

Grant type



1.900.000 euro STW en NWO GW, 700.000 euro NRPO Sia

Science area

Humanities Technical Sciences


Creative Industry


Collaboration in themes (2011-2014) Theme: Creative Industry (2011-2014)


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