Indo-Dutch Joint Research Programme for ICT

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), India's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, invite researchers in India and the Netherlands together with industrial partners to participate in the Indo-Dutch Joint Research Programme for ICT.

NWO and DeitY finance, facilitate and stimulate scientific research, which is ‘curiosity-driven’ and/or ‘demand-inspired’. Demand-inspired research aims at innovation that is inspired by the strategic agendas of industry and societal organisations. This call links both scientific research and public and private needs.

NWO and DeitY identified the following research topics where major technology trends will start to scale and shape business models, innovation and affect everyday life:

  • Big Data 
  • Internet of Things
  • Serious Gaming



The aim of the Indo-Dutch Joint Research Programme is to accelerate innovation in science and technology in India as well as in the Netherlands through:

  1. Strengthening interaction and scientific cooperation between the knowledge institutions in India and the Netherlands and industrial partners;
  2. Promoting the development and deployment of innovative research techniques to be used in industry, jointly funded by NWO, DeitY and industry;
  3. Fostering excellence in research projects and at the same time enhancing the research quality in India and the Netherlands. The research is precompetitive and can be of a more fundamental or a more applied nature, depending on the needs of the project partners.

Industrial partners, e.g. ICT users and/or developers, are invited to collaborate with researchers in addressing the challenging key issues and formulating the research questions. The aim of this collaboration is working towards practical and innovative solutions. At the same time, the research questions can be driven by fundamental and/or applied scientific approach.

Who can apply

Project proposals are expected to be prepared by a consortium of public and private partners. It is obligatory to have the following categories of participants in the consortium:

  • academic researcher(s) in India;
  • academic researcher(s) in the Netherlands;
  • industrial partner(s)* in India and/or the Netherlands.


Each category may consist of more than one participant.

*NWO and DeitY consider an industrial partner to be: an enterprise engaged in an economic activity with the aid of labour and capital, and with a profit motive.

For each project there should be one Principal Investigator (PI) from the Indian university and one PI from the Dutch university. One of those  PI’s is to be designated as Project Leader, who submits the application on behalf of the consortium.

Each PI from India should: be employed at an Indian Government academic / research institution.

Each PI from the Netherlands should:

  • have the permanent position of professor, associate professor (UHD), assistant professor (UD) or a tenure track appointment ,
  • be in a position to remain effectively involved, by having an appointment during the project, in the research to which the grant application refers for the duration of the period for which the grant is being requested.


Dutch PI’s should be employed at a research institute recognized by NWO. In principle, these are the following Dutch institutions for academic education and research:

  • Dutch universities;
  • NWO and KNAW institutes;
  • the Netherlands Cancer Institute;
  • the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen
  • the DUBBLE Beamline at the ESRF in Grenoble
  • NCB Naturalis
  • Advanced Research Centre for NanoLithography (ARCNL).


What to apply

The maximum total funding requested from NWO/DeitY is € 500.000, of which 50% to be covered by NWO and 50% by DeitY. When a project is selected for funding, the Dutch team will receive funding from NWO and the Indian team will receive funding from DeitY.

The minimum amount of total co-funding (cash and in-kind) should be 20% of the total funding requested from NWO/DeitY, with a minimum cash contribution of 10% of the total funding requested (see also paragraph 3.2.2. in the Call).

The duration of the project is minimum 24 months and maximum 48 months.

The grant can be used for funding of temporary personnel (PhD and postdoc) to be appointed for research during the project and/or temporary non-scientific personnel, e.g. a scientific programmer, to support the project technically, the secondment of an academic researcher to the industrial partner, material costs and travel expenses. The temporary personnel should comprise of at least two researchers, in India as well as in the Netherlands, e.g. one postdoc in the Netherlands and four PhD’s in India. Symmetry within the project composition between the Netherlands and India is envisaged, but not mandatory


When to apply

Full Proposals for research grants (FP) must be received at the latest 14 October 2014, 11:59 hours in the morning (UTC +02:00), and must be preceded by a Letter of Intent which should be received at the latest 23 September 2014, 11:59 hours in the morning (UTC +02:00).

Please download and read the Call for Joint Proposals carefully before you start drafting your proposal.


Each proposal will be evaluated on 4 main criteria: scientific quality of the proposal (50%), International cooperation (15%), Quality of valorization (20%) and Quality of the consortium (15%).

Full Proposals for research grant that receive the NWO qualification ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ will be eligible for funding respective to the position in the prioritisation and provided there is sufficient funding.


Scientific quality of the proposed research


  1.  Scientific approach and relevance to the research topic; including urgency for the scientific strengthening of ICT research
  2. Originality and novelty: potential to make an important scientific breakthrough to the advancement of science or the state-of-the-art technology
  3. Feasibility, e.g. clearly formulated goals and a feasible work plan with milestones including time schedule, role and tasks for consortium partners (researchers and industrial partners)


International cooperation


  1. Added value of Indo-Dutch cooperation to the research project, including complementarity of the Dutch and Indian research teams, urgency and strategic importance
  2. Degree of knowledge exchange between the Netherlands and India


Quality of valorisation


  1. Economic and/or societal added value of the intended research results
  2. Added value or benefits of science industry cooperation to the research project
  3. Degree of embedding the results in academic as well as in user’s environment within the industry
  4. Interaction with knowledge users (before, during and after the project)


Quality of the consortium


  1. Track record of the academic partners
  2. Track record of the industrial partner(s) on the particular proposed research, e.g. existing projects, publications, etc.
  3. Synergy and complementarity of the partnership
  4. Engagement of industrial partner(s) in the proposed research, e.g. access to datasets, providing infrastructure, etc. 




The call requires a one stage assessment procedure, which is started by the submission by the Project Leader, either from India or the Netherlands, on behalf of the consortium. The submission includes the Full Proposal for research grant in English including the required Letter(s) of Commitment (section 3.4 of the Call). The submission must be preceded by a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Full proposal for research grant that meet the conditions of the admissibility check will be forwarded to external referees for the peer review. The referee reports will be forwarded anonymously to the applicants, who will be given the opportunity to respond to the referee reports in a rebuttal.

The assessment committee consists of researchers from relevant scientific disciplines and representatives from relevant public and/or private partners from India as well from the Netherlands. The committee ranks and prioritizes the submitted proposals in a funding advice to NWO and DeitY.

The NWO Physical Sciences Board and DeitY will decide whether to accept or reject the application on the basis of the funding advice and the resources available.



Extra information

Funds will be distributed to each awardee according to respective national laws and each funder’s internal policies and procedures. 


Applicable for NWO funding

  • For proposals for a grant from NWO, the NWO Regulation on Granting ( applies as equally the Agreement for Funding Scientific Research (NWO Akkoordbekostiging wetenschappelijk onderzoek).
  • Partners in granted projects must sign a project agreement between the involved partners from academia, industry and NWO/DeitY before the project can start. NWO/DeitY will provide a model project agreement.
  • NWO's Code of Conduct on Conflicts of Interest applies to all persons and NWO personnel involved in the assessment and decision-making procedure of this call (
  • NWO/DeitY have a regulation for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and knowledge transfer. If a researcher submits a proposal on behalf of an institution recognised by NWO/DeitY then the project partners must confirm that they have taken note of the IPR and knowledge transfer regulation as described in the Appendix IPR regulation (see Annex 6.2). NWO will act in conformity with the “Spelregels Intellectueel Eigendom” paragraph 3.2.1 “Onderzoeksmodellen fundamenteel”, published by the “Regiegroep spelregels” in the “Spelregels voor privaat-publieke samenwerking bij programmering en uitvoering van fundamenteel en toegepast onderzoek”[1]


Applicable for DeitY funding

Please check the funding guidelines under the following link:


Contact person DeitY:

Ms. Tulika Pandey Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY)
+91-11-24364739/+91 9810 67 09 81 (mobile)













Temporarily closed for application


14 October 2014 11:59

Grant type



2,0M Euro (for this round and including the contribution from India)

Science area

Physical Sciences


International collaboration (2011-2014)


Mw. R.F. van der Veen-Oei, Mw. R.F. van der Veen-Oei, +31 (0)70 3440587