C2D - Horizontal 2016 Data Science for Evolving Content, Processes, Behaviour and Societies

Proposals for funding of research in Data Science; analytics and handling are always submitted by a researcher on behalf of a consortium consisting of at least one private partner and at least two research institutes, possibly in collaboration with TNO.


An aimed focused effort is needed in order to shift the boundaries of present data science and big data solutions, and to expand the algorithmic understanding of data semantics, computational complexity, data protection and human information overload. In order to achieve this, the call focuses on data science and dealing with evolving content, processes, behaviour and societies.

Applications must be aimed at dealing and supporting changing data within the horizontal themes of data handling and data analytics, and the connection with more than one of the vertical subprogrammes is desirable. Moreover, from the proposal it should be clear that results are applicable to at least two application domains, e.g. through partaking companies.

Who can apply

The main applicant is an experienced researcher holding a PhD, provided they are in paid employment or have a tenure (term of appointment) at a Dutch university or a research institute recognised by NWO, for at least the duration of the application process and the research which the grant is applied for.

Researchers at HBO’s, RIVM, the GTI’s, and the non-university part of WUR can apply as co-applicant of be a member of the consortium. However, they are not eligible for funding from NWO. As part of a consortium, these institutes are regarded in the call as research institutes.

Application can include a private partner as a co-applicant. Private partners are not eligible for funding from NWO or TNO, but contribute in cash and/ or in kind to the research.

What to apply for

The grant can be used to temporarily appoint scientific personnel and non-scientific personnel at the research institute and project-specific costs for materials, travel, equipment and other project-related costs. The maximum funding for project-specific (non-personnel) costs has been fixed at a maximum of 15% of the total budget.

The total contribution (cash and in kind) by the private partners amounts to minimally 30% and maximally 50% of the total project costs of the NWO-part of the project, and minimally 30% of the total project costs of the TNO part of the project. The cash contribution by private partners is minimally 15% of the total project costs.

• NWO funding is minimally k€ 525 and maximally k€ 750.

TNO contributes to the project in-kind with a contribution that amounts minimally k€ 98 and maximally k€ 140.

The duration of a project is maximally 5 years.

When to apply

This call for proposals is valid until the closing date February 21st, 2017, 14.00 hours CEST.



The eligible applications will first be assessed by referees followed by an assessment by an independent assessment committee. Based on the following criteria:

1. Academic quality

  • Scientific approach and relevance;
  • Relevance for the COMMIT2DATA programme and the balance between the questions from the different topsectors that are addressed in the proposal;
  • Clarity of focus and objectives;
  • Feasibility;
  • Innovative aspects;
  • Balance between targets and available resources (budget, staff and material costs).

2. Quality and composition of the consortium

  • Track record of the academic partners;
  • Track record of the private partners;
  • Synergy, complementarity and added value of cooperation in the consortium to the COMMIT2DATA programme;
  • Availability of infrastructure within the consortium.

3. Knowledge utilisation

  • Quality of the knowledge utilisation plan;
  • Involvement of end-users and partners;
  • Innovational aspects;
  • Connection and active contribution to the vertical and horizontal knowledge transfer within COMMIT2DATA.


After submission NWO verifies whether the application meets the submission criteria, applications are checked for meeting the submission criteria. If eligible, the proposals will be sent to external referees for assessment. The anonymised referees' reports will be sent to the applicant who then is invited to send a written response (the rebuttal). The assessment committee discusses and prioritises the applications during a meeting and advises the authorised board within NWO, which subsequently makes a decision.

Indicative timetable:

  • Deadline 21 February 2017
  • Hearing January/February2017
  • Rebuttal Early March 2017
  • Committee end of March 2017
  • Decision April 2017




Closed for application


21 February 2017 14:00

Grant type



circa M 3,3 euro

Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences



Nieuw NWO: aanpassing financieringsinstrumenten

Op 1 januari 2017 krijgt NWO een nieuwe organisatiestructuur. Dit heeft ook gevolgen voor de financieringsinstrumenten. Lopende instrumenten blijven onveranderd tot een besluit over aanpassing is genomen. NWO kondigt deze wijziging ten minste zes maanden van te voren aan. 2017 geldt nog als overgangsjaar, uiterlijk 1 januari 2018 gaan de nieuwe financieringsinstrumenten van start.